What You’ll Need


2457 TMC size 14-18


Ostrich herl (one strand)


Uni-thread 6/0 color to match body


Red thread head

Step 1

This fly is very simple to tie but the results are amazing. All you need is three strands of ostrich herl. You can use any color you want. The common colors for these rivers are gray, olive, and tan. Start the thread in the front and cut the thread tag off.

Step 2

Now dub a small body of dubbing up to the eye.

Step 3

Wrap the herl up to the eye. Make sure your wraps are side by side.

Step 4

Grab some curved scissors and cut the whole back along the shank. If you cut to close you will cut the stem and it will come apart. So pay attention to your cut.
If you notice after you cut the back of the stem, it will give off a segmentated look to the fly.

Step 5

Step 6