What You’ll Need


Tiemco 2457, size 12


3D Stick ons (silver prismatic)


Glo yarn ( your choice of color)


5-minute or Devcon


White Monocord 3/0 (or UTC 140)


Ultra lace or stretch tubing (tan or clear)

Step 1

I’m using stretch tubing from Wapsi in a size small. Medium is ok, but a little oversized. Cut about an inch and a half of tubing. Grab some small mono. I’m using tying mono in .006, but 6x tippet will do the trick as well. It needs to be long enough to fold over and put the two tag ends through the hole in the stretch tubing. If you notice in the picture I’ve created a hole with the mono to put some angel hair in. Make sure you make it large enough to slip it through.

Step 2

Once you slide the hair through pull with the tag ends until the angel hair is through the ends on both sides. Grab the mono and remove away. You’re going to cut the ends, but wait until your ready to tie it on the hook.

This is the end that was pulled through. The other end will have a bunch of uneven ends and that’s the end that will be tied down.

Step 3

Attach the thread at the front of the hook. Just make a few turns and cut the tag end off.

Step 4

You should still be up at the front just behind the bead. Now cut two strands of flashabou. You want them fairly long. Tie the two strands in. Take the two strands of flashabou and your wire holding them all together as you wind to the bend. Make each wrap side by side. Advance your thread back up to the bead still keeping the thread side by side. It’s important that you keep a smooth thread base so when you wrap the flashabou up you can’t see any imperfections from underneath (bumps etc).

Step 5

Cut about an inch of glo yarn and split it evenly into two separate pieces.

You’ll only need one of the pieces that you split in half to do this step.

Step 6

Fold the piece in half and measure it to go a little past the hook point. Trim the excess off and don’t let go of the ends that you’ll be tying in or this step will get frustrating to you. You’ll also need to turn the hook upside down to get it to tie down right. Notice I measure the ends to NOT go past the eye of the hook. You really don’t want to trim any after you tie it in. Measure it to butt up to the eye and tie all of it in. This will also create some build up for you to have a foundation for the eyes to stick to.

Step 7

Make a nice head that will be round and big enough for the eyes to lay flush with the head. What I mean by this is if you notice the eyes sitting higher than the thread base then you’ll have problems with the epoxy settling right and it will sink down into the yarn. Whip finish and you’re ready for the epoxy. Go light on the first coat and apply the second coat once the first coat dries.

Step 8

Attach the eyes on each side and you’re ready to add the epoxy. If the eyes don’t stick you can add a small drop of zap-a-gap. When I apply epoxy I put it in the center in between the eyes where it needs it the most and do the underside the same. Then do the sides and rotate it till you cover it all the way around with epoxy. Another trick I do is point the hook down a little so it doesn’t settle in the yarn as a rotate it.

Step 9

Step 10

Finished product!!!

Step 11

Alternate Product

Step 12

Finished product!!!