What You’ll Need


Tiemco 2457, size 12-18


Pheasant tail (four strands)


Silver wire, (BR)


Wine stretch tubbing, medium


Maroon thread, 6/0


Peacock herl & white or cream ostrich herl

Step 1

Tie in the thread at the front of the hook. Tie in the wire first then the stretch tubing. Wind both together to the bend of the hook and wind the thread back up to the front almost till you get to the eye. Leave a little room for the wing case and herls to be tied in for the thorax.

Step 2

Wind the tubing keeping each wrap butted up to the next wrap as you’re going forward. Also wrap the tubing counterclockwise then the wire for the ribbing. Add a little tension as you wind it up as well.

Step 3

Tie the wire off and move it back and forth until it breaks off. Using scissors will always leave a tag and for that matter dull your scissors after a period of time.

Step 4

Wind back a little bit and tie in the pheasant tail fibers.

Step 5

Tie in the peacock herl and one strand of ostrich herl.

Step 6

Wrap the peacock herl and the ostrich herl and cut the excess off. These will be blended in together.

Step 7

Fold over the pheasant tail fibers to form the wing case. Cut the excess off and whip finish the fly off. Glue the head and the fly is complete.