How To Tie Tom Roger’s Queen Ant

What You’ll Need


TMC 100, size 10-14


¼” cylinder foam, density for riding high


Uni-thread 6/0, Black


Turkey Boits, white – the main reason we use this is not to create a wing effect, but to visualize it in the foam line of the shoals and you can see it from far away.

Step 1

Start the thread at the front of the hook and make a smooth thread base to the bend. Not tie in the tip section of either end and lock it down with enough thread wraps to secure it. Because this is high density foam it will take several wraps to secure it. So make sure before the next step that it doesn’t shift around the hook shank, in other words, firmly secured on the top of the hook shank.

Step 2

Advance the thread almost to the center of the hook shank. Notice in the picture we are just a hair back from the middle portion of the hook. Fold over the foam, but push it back a little to create a bump (abdomen). Make a few loose wraps when tying it down to keep from cutting the foam with the thread and make sure it is exactly where you won’t it before really cinching it down.

Step 3

Once you have tied the foam down firmly you will then lift up the foam and advance the thread another third way up the hook shank. Tie down the foam again, but this time you do not need to push it back to create a hump.

Step 4

After the foam is tied in securely you will then tie in the biots. You want these sticking straight up like a queen ant, highly visible. Now lift up in front of the foam and wind up to the eye. Whip finish and you have yourself one of the deadliest ants for the Norfork and White River.