What You’ll Need


TMC 8089 NP


Badger (white with black)


Peacock Swords


Uni-thread 6/0 black


Peacock herl and pipe foam insulation cut to shape

Step 1

This might seem strange, but we are going to use two colors of thread. The reason being is we are going to create a egg sack with yellow, but the rest of the fly will be tied with black thread. Start your yellow thread and make a small thread base like you see in the picture.

Step 2

Start your black thread behind the eye of the hook and meet up with the yellow, then wrap back to the eye and then back to the yellow again. Reason being to build a good base for this fly.

Step 3

Make a high density foam body about 3 inches long.

Step 4

Attach the foam body right in front of the bend of the hook, leaving about 1/2 inch in the front to tie down for the thorax. Wrap your thread toward the front enough to tie the foam down like in the picture. When tying down the foam try to catch at least 1/8 to 3/32 of the thorax foam.

Step 5

Once you’ve secured the back, advance the thread up to where you are going to tie down the front piece of foam. Fold over and secure it with some thread wraps. You should not have any excess to cut off if you did this step right. If you do try to cut as much excess as you can leaving the front clear from any material.

Step 6

Tie in about 6 or 8 peacock swords at the front of the thorax for legs and to cover the tip of the hook. You can also use Guinea feathers instead, if you have them.

Step 7

Tie in some white calf tail or cream deerhair, or cream mink for wing, just in front of the foam thorax body.

Step 8

Pick out 2 Furnace soft saddle hackles, same size, about 5 inches long with webbing half to 3/4 the way. Attach them just in front of the calf tail, deer hair or cream mink, which ever you use.

Step 9

Wrap them forward, on the last wrap, split the tips to make another set of wings. Wrap between the two feathers to get them to separate, then wrap in front of them 6 or 7 times. Wraps should equal 6 or 7 wraps even if you have to over wrap leaving plenty of room for the eye. Whip finish twice keeping your hackle out of your knot. Use clear coat or head cement on your knot. This is to be fished on the dead drift or skating for explosive action on 2x or 3x tippet. This is called the Master Dry Fly for that reason; trust me the best dry hands down!