How To Tie Tom Roger’s Crane Fly

What You’ll Need


TMC 100, size 12-18


Whiting, Furnace


Thread base


Uni-thread 8/0, yellow


Treated Watershed Mayfly Tails, pale yellow

Thread head

Uni-thread, rust brown


Deer Hair, (Fine), cream, or white hackle wings

Step 1

Make a smooth thread base all the way down the hook shank.

Step 2

Tie in two fibets. Make sure when tying these in you are a little in front of the hook bend. If you wind to far back you will force them to bend down. Once they are secured, you will then need to form a figure eight to create the split. Advance the thread back up to the eye, then back down and then back up to where you are ready to tie in the wings. Whip finish the yellow thread and tie in the rust brown.

Step 3

Match the wings and tie them in at the same time. Pay attention proportion and don’t make the wings extend to much pass the bend of the hook.

Step 4

Now tie two hackle tips. Make sure you measure these according to whatever hook size you are using. Prep the stem before tying it in. If you don’t know how to do this step you will need to research how to prep hackle when using for dry flies. You can find these steps in the Fly Tier’s Benchside Reference book. Wrap these one at a time to get the angles right. I usually wrap them four times around the hook shank. This will really help the fly ride high on the water. Whip finish and that’s it!!