What You’ll Need


Tiemco 100, size 12-18


Uni-thread 8/0, color to match body


Superfine dubbing


Antron yarn


Deer hair

Step 1

Start the thread somewhere in the front of the hook. I like to start mine here so when I tie in the antron yarn it’s the length of the hook shank.

Step 2 

Showing the whole amount of antron yarn cut off the card. This will need to be split in half.

This is about how much you’ll need.

Step 3

When tying this in you don’t need to be precise on the measurement. The front will be cut and the back will be cut about half an inch in length hanging off the bend (back of the hook shank).

Step 4

Wind it to the bend keeping the wraps somehwhat tight so the material stays firmly down on the hook shank.

Step 5

Cut a small clump of superfine deer hair and prep it. You’ll also need to stack it.

Step 6

You should be back up front with the thread. The thread should be just up from the center of the hook shank. This is where the wing will be tied in. When tying in the wing, make sure you tie in front and back of it to get the “straight up look” before tying in the dubbing for the body.

Step 7

Tie back to the bend of the hook. Start the dubbing on the thread and wind up to the eye. Don’t worry about building a tapered body. Just make sure you hide the thread wraps underneath.

Step 8

Whip finish the fly and add some gloss coat. Completed fly. You might have to work with the wing to get it to the disired look. It needs to be stiff and firm, not soft to the touch.

Step 9

Step 10

Whip finish the fly and glue the thread.

Step 11

Finish Product!!!