How To Tie Mono Eye Ant

What You’ll Need


TMC 100


Uni-thread 6/0, black


Mono Eyes

Dopped Body

Beaver or Superfine


Neck Hackle

Step 1

Tie the whole stem down along the hook shank. Really secure it so it doesn’t shift. So add a little tension on every wrap.

Step 2

Add a smooth base of dubbing. I like to dub the middle into a little ball.

Step 3

Tie in the hackle to create the legs and a little more floatation. Make sure you measure it to be the correct size for the hook size you’re tying. I make about four turns and cut the excess. Don’t tie the tip side down.

Step 4

Whip finish and you have a deadly pattern. You can also fish this to be a sunken ant without the hackle. Just add epoxy for weight and it will sink.