What You’ll Need


TMC 5263


Uni-thread 6/0, Black






Schallpen, Black

Step 1

Wrap some lead wire in the center of the hook shank. I usually wrap 12-18 wraps of lead wire. Make sure you leave room in the back and front of the hook shank. So we will not be wrapping lead the entire length of the hook shank.

Step 2

Tie in a rabbit strip. This will be the tail and wing for the fly. You’ll need to split the hair to tie in-between it. Measure the tail to be one hook shank in length. Make sure you have enough to fold over and tie down at the front.

Step 3

Tie in the hackle flash in the back. This will be used for the entire body.

Step 4

Cut the excess hackle flash and get ready to tie down the rabbit hide.

Step 5

Fold it right on top and tie it down with five wraps before cutting the excess.

Step 6

Now we are going to wrap one hackle (schlappen) for the collar. Tie it down when you think you have a full enough collar. I like my collar to be long so it blends in with the entire pattern. Trim the excess.

Step 7

Whip finish the fly and your done. Note: You can also tie this as a soft hackle. It works like a charm.