How To Tie Griffith’s Knat Midge

What You’ll Need


100 #16-20




Peacock Herl


Grizzly (palmered)

Step 1

Start the thread at the front of the hook. Prep the feather for the next step.

Step 2

Tie the feather in on the bigger side with tip end facing out. You also want the shiny side facing down. That way the feathers are facing forward as you wind it up.

Step 3

Advance the thread back up and tie in the peacock herl.

Step 4

Tie about three strands of herl and wind to the bend. Advance your thread back up to the eye.

Step 5

Twist the herl and wind it up to the eye. Trim off the excess and make a few more turns to secure the herl from slipping.

Step 6

Wrap the hackle up. I like my wraps to be fairly close together. Make sure the stem of the hackle isn’t twisting as you wrap forward. This can cause the hackle to go all directions instead of staying forward only. NOTE: Make sure you select the right hackle when proportion it to the gap of the hook. Rule of thumb is no longer than a gap in a half. I like mine to be a little longer then the hook gap. If it’s to long then the fly won’t sit right on top of the water. The fly will ride to high causing you to miss strikes.

Step 7

Trim the excess off. Make a few more turns cleaning up any loose hackles from cutting the excess. If you notice any of the hackles getting in the way of the eye now is the time to cut them. Make a nice thread head and whip finish the fly. Glue the eye and coat it with some dry fly float. I like watershed the best. Let it dry over night and it’s ready to go.

Step 8

Finish product!!