What You’ll Need


2xl dry fly hook Sz 4-8


UTC 140 / color to match body


Round rubber legs

Over body

Two pieces cut to length /2mm foam


red 2mm foam cut to length

Under body

Krystal chenille or just a thread body. Thread needs to match the foam that will be the first underbody.

Step 1

Start your thread and advance the thread to the bend.

Step 2

Tie in a piece of krystal chenille.

Step 3

When measuring the foam strips, you only need to measure them hanging off the hook on both sides just a little bit. Go ahead and tie your first piece on, but don’t make a lot of wraps because you will be tying a lot more materials in.

Step 4

The next piece of foam should be the same cut as the first one. Tie it on top of the first one in the same spot. The key is not to see a lot of thread wraps through the foam so keep it light on the the thread wraps. I do about three turns and then I’m ready for the next step.

Step 5

The next step is to tie the little piece called the “indicator”. It’s to be able to see from a distance.

Step 6

Once you have tied all the foam on, pull back and do a few turns to lock them in to prevent them from shifting. Now your ready to tie in the first set of legs. I like to fold them around the thread and then wind them in.

Step 7

Tie in the second set of legs.

Step 8

Wrap the chenille up to the eye.

Step 9

Fold the first strip over and tie it in only making a few thread wraps. As you tie in the other material you will have enough to biuld up the thread wraps to secure the material in tight. Make sure after each time you tie in the foam the last wrap you cinch a little tighter.

Step 10

Fold the next color of foam the same way you did the first.

Step 11

Repeat the same step as you did to tie in the first red indicator.

Step 12

Tie in the second set of legs the same way you did the first set. After you have tied in the legs you are ready to whip finish the fly.