What You’ll Need


TMC 2488 12-20


Uni-thread 6/0 Color to match body


Goose Biot


Black Grade #1 Hackle


Cylinder Foam

Step 1

Start the thread in the center and wind to the back. Trim the tag end off.

Step 2

I’m using a turkey biot because it’s longer then goose. Tie it in at the tip. You can either have a smooth base or segmentated look depending on what you want yours to look like. I wrote the step out on the adult midge if you want to read further. When you go to wind it forward you will know after the first wrap if you’re going to have segments or a smooth body. Just flip it over and tie it back in.

Step 3

You can see when you go to make the cut there’s some tag still showing. You want to tie all that down and have a smooth foundation.

Step 4

Tie the cyclinder foam in on one end of it. Once you have tied it down wrap behind it and the back in front of it. The key is to get the post to stand striaght up. It will take some thread wraps so don’t be afraid to build up thread. After this step you will go around the post right at the bottom of it. This way you will have a smooth base to wrap the feather around.

Step 5

Showing you how to tie around the post.

Step 6

I’ve already prepped the feather. You can see how it’s done. Tie it down just the way you see it. You will need some good hackle pliers for the next step.

Step 7

When tying the feather down I tie in front of the post and behind it. Advance the thread back to the eye and you are ready to wind in the hackle.

Step 8

I like to use the older traditional style hackle plier. It’s the silver one with no rubber on the end. I think the ones with the rubber on the end slip more than any other ones. Wrap the feather about four turns and tie if off. Make sure you measure the hackle according to the size of the hook. Trim the excess off and whip finish the fly. This step might be a little harder because the hackle going the other direction. I move it with my fingers as I whip finish the fly.

Step 9

Cut the post close to the hackle. You can have it sticking up higher if you need to. It does act as an indicator as well. The concept to the step is because the foam is boyount after you make the cut it flares out a little bit. Keeping the hackle from sliding up and coming apart.

Step 10

Whip finish the fly and glue the thread.