What You’ll Need


Mustad signature R50, size 10


Monofilament .006


SLF Standard (color to match body)


Hareline Damsel Body


Hareline Medallion Sheeting (Clear)


Mustad signature R50, size 10

Step 1

Start the thread in the back. You might have to make more turns then you would with regular thread because it’s not a waxed thread and won’t adhere the hook shank. What I do is wind back over the mono with enough turns to be able to let go of the bobbin and it hangs there. Then cut the tag end off.

Step 2

The bodies are sold by Hareline and come in three colors which are maroon, blue, and olive.

Step 3

Tie in the tail and measure it about three times the length of the hook shank. Tie in the eye making figure eights to really secure it. Just remember to judge the size of the eye according to the proportion of the fly. Wrap the mono back to the bend of the hook. Now you’re ready to add some dubbing.

Step 4

Dub the body about 2/3 of the hook shank. The key is to not have the wings be tied in directly in the middle of the hook shank. You want them to be a little past the middle of the hook shank.

Step 5

Cut a strip to be two inches in length and 1/4 of an inch wide.

Step 6

Tie it in directly in the center and do about three figure eights around it. You can adjust the wings once you make a full figure eight if they don’t look exactly right from tying them in.

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Pull up on the wings and make a cut in a angle like you see in the picture. This is what I’ve found to be an easy step when rounding of the ends of the wings.

Step 10

Now trim the other side it an angle and then round it off. You’ll have to do these individually to be more accurate when making the cut.

Step 11

Dub the rest of the fly. Do figure eights between the wings and the eyes as well. You shouldn’t have to make any wraps of dubbing in front of the eyes. Just the one that will finish the figure eight between the eyes.

Step 12

Step 13

Whip finish the fly and glue the head.