Team Philosophy

Although Jeremy Hunt has been a guide for eighteen years on the White River, Lake Taneycomo and the Norfork Tailwater, he has always been hesitant about throwing words like “our guide team” and “our staff” around frivolously, as this could distract from making his personal guide business successful, especially if he had to constantly worry about unprofessional behavior out of any individual that is representing Jeremy Hunt or his service. In the Ozarks, guides come and go, and Jeremy has had his fair share of guides move on in the past. In the last few years he has worked along side his partner Lisa Bellue to ensure the business of continues to be successful and bring people into the sport and produce quality products and services that will continue to be available for years to come. Fly’s and Guides is now a family based business and with that comes a desire to work and give 110% day in and day out regardless if its on the vice or on the water.

Jeremy is proud to announce that he’s finally assembled a guide team that truly epitomizes what a “real” guide staff is all about. Jeremy and Lisa have diversified experience, and understand that safety is the number one priority while on the water and they know how to teach effectively while showing clients a good time, whether the fish are biting or not. Plus, he has full confidence that if the fish are active, we will be productive – there is nothing worse than hiring a guide for the day and then end up watching every other group around you catching fish while your party’s guide is constantly ‘trying new things’ and can’t seem to buy a bite.

Please take a little time and read about the different attributes and styles of the new guide team and never hesitate to ask candid questions regarding who on our guide team you are going to fish with on a group outing or if Jeremy has to use another guide outside of the team when they are already booked. Also, he is more than willing to put you in touch with any of the guides he works with before your day on the water. Talk with them directly so that you can tell them about your expectations, skill levels, and what the plan is likely to be.

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy has been one of the White River Basin’s most passionate fly fishermen and guides for over the last eleven years, and he is always looking to develop innovative flies and techniques that catch more fish; this reflects his true ingenuity and outside the box mentality. When it comes to working hard and understanding how to safely and effectively fish during high and low water, Jeremy is truly one of the best. He never hesitates to try something new when the “old standards” are not producing, and over the last eight years, very few guides have consistently created an opportunity at a big fish as often as Jeremy has. A day on the water with Jeremy is going to be filled with intense moments, as he definitely wears his enthusiasm and love of fly fishing on his sleeve – this guy lives to help his clients succeed. Jeremy is one of the area’s  best nymph fishermen, and he knows when and where to throw dry flies if the conditions are right. 

Lisa Bellue

Born and raised on a 260 acre cattle farm in the small rural town of Willow Springs, Missouri, living life outdoors has become second nature; Lisa grew up hunting and fishing and has fished Missouri streams all her life. She took up the sport of fly-fishing during her Industrial Technology studies at Missouri State University in 1997 at the age of 20, fitting in countless sleepless nights on Taneycomo fishing for trout before her early morning course work. Over the years fly-fishing has become her passion and she has fly-fished all over Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma in the search of trout, carp, white bass, stripers, hybrid bass and just about any other species of fish that can be caught on a fly. Lisa’s calm laid back approach to teaching and catching trout on the fly over the last 6 years now includes the tailwaters of Northern Arkansas.