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Team Philosophy

Despite his twenty-year tenure as a guide on the White River, Lake Taneycomo, and the Norfork Tailwater, Jeremy Hunt has always been cautious about casually using phrases like “our guide team” and “our staff.” He believed that such language could potentially divert his focus from ensuring the success of his personal guiding business. This concern was especially relevant given the need to avoid unprofessional behavior among individuals representing Jeremy Hunt and his services. In the Ozarks, the guide industry often witnesses guides coming and going, and Jeremy has had his share of guides who have moved on in the past.

Over the past few years, Jeremy has joined forces with his partner, Lisa Bellue, to safeguard the continued success of, while also striving to introduce more people to the sport and provide top-notch products and services that will remain available for years to come. Fly’s and Guides has now transformed into a family-based enterprise, instilling in them a steadfast commitment to put in their best efforts day in and day out, whether they’re at the tying vice or on the water.

Jeremy is delighted to announce that he has finally assembled a guide team that embodies the essence of a genuine guide staff. With their combined and diverse experiences, Jeremy and Lisa recognize that safety always takes precedence on the water. They have honed their ability to effectively instruct while ensuring clients have an enjoyable time, irrespective of whether the fish are biting or not. Furthermore, Jeremy possesses unwavering confidence that when the fish are active, their productivity will be unmatched. There’s nothing worse than hiring a guide for the day and witnessing other groups catching fish all around while your guide keeps experimenting and struggling to get a single bite.

We encourage you to invest some time in familiarizing yourself with the unique attributes and individual styles of the new guide team. Feel free to ask any candid questions about which member of our guide team you’ll be fishing with on a group excursion. In cases where Jeremy needs to arrange an external guide due to prior bookings, he is transparent about this and can provide you with additional information.

Jeremy is more than happy to facilitate direct communication between you and the guides he collaborates with before your day on the water. This communication will allow you to convey your expectations, discuss your skill levels, and establish the likely plan for your fishing trip. Your open dialogue with the guides ensures a more personalized and enjoyable experience.

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Jeremy Hunt - Owner | Fly Fishing Only

For more than a vicennium, Jeremy has stood out as one of the most passionate fly fishermen and guides in the White River Basin. His unwavering commitment to innovation in fly designs and techniques, aimed at increasing catch rates, exemplifies his true inventiveness and “outside the box” approach. When it comes to hard work and a profound understanding of how to safely and effectively fish in both high and low water conditions, Jeremy is undeniably among the best in the business.

Jeremy’s willingness to experiment with new strategies, particularly when traditional methods are falling short, has been a hallmark of his guiding career. Over the past eight years, few guides can claim to consistently provide opportunities for landing significant fish as frequently as Jeremy has. A day on the water with Jeremy promises to be brimming with exhilarating moments, as his passion for fly fishing is apparent for all to see – he lives to see his clients succeed.

Jeremy’s expertise extends to nymph fishing, where he ranks among the area’s finest. He possesses a keen sense of when and where to present dry flies, provided the conditions are ideal, further solidifying his reputation as an angling authority in the region.

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Lisa Bellue - Owner | Fly Fishing Only

Lisa, originally hailing from the tranquil rural town of Willow Springs, Missouri, was born and raised on a sprawling 260-acre cattle farm. Her upbringing instilled in her a profound connection to the outdoors, as she was exposed to hunting and fishing from a young age. Missouri’s pristine streams served as her playground throughout her formative years.

Lisa’s journey into the world of fly-fishing began during her time studying Industrial Technology at Missouri State University in 1997, when she was just 20 years old. Balancing her academic commitments, she dedicated countless sleepless nights to fishing for trout on Taneycomo, establishing a strong bond with the sport.

Over the years, fly-fishing evolved into her passion, leading her to explore the waters of Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma in pursuit of various species, from trout to carp, white bass, stripers, hybrid bass, and virtually any fish that could be enticed by a fly. Lisa’s teaching approach is characterized by her calm and laid-back demeanor, making her an ideal instructor for those looking to master the art of catching trout on the fly. Her expertise over the past nine years has expanded to include the tailwaters of Northern Arkansas, adding another dimension to her already impressive fly-fishing repertoire.

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Jim Hales - Fly Shop

I hail from Arkansas, originally born in Fort Smith. The majority of my life unfolded in Kansas until, nearing retirement, I made a heartfelt return to the scenic Ozarks around the Branson, MO area. It was in this picturesque setting that I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Lisa and Jeremy, who, in turn, introduced me to the captivating world of fly fishing and their unwavering passion for the sport. My journey in fly fishing spans approximately 12 enriching years.

As serendipity would have it, my retirement coincided with the exciting inception of their inaugural shop at Copper Johns. Since its inception, I’ve been an integral part of the Copper Johns family, reveling in the joy of contributing to the shop’s success. The experience has been nothing short of gratifying as I’ve had the opportunity to engage with fellow fly fishing enthusiasts. The shop has served as a hub for learning and networking, and I find immense satisfaction in continually expanding my knowledge.

Looking ahead, I harbor aspirations of embarking on memorable trips to Dry Run Creek and organizing immersive wade fishing adventures. The prospect of sharing my passion with others and exploring new facets of fly fishing adds an extra layer of excitement to my retirement endeavors.

Here’s to the endless possibilities that fly fishing and the team at Flys and Guides have to offer – a journey that keeps getting better with every cast and camaraderie shared along the riverbanks.


Ty Ingram - Fly Fishing

I’m a native of the Ozarks, hailing from the beautiful White River drainage area where I grew up fishing streams, rivers, and lakes. My journey into the world of fly fishing began as a teenager back in the early 80s. In the mid-90s, I took a pivotal step by joining the team at a fly shop in Springfield, Missouri, and began guiding on the White River system. As the early 2000s rolled around, I transitioned into the fly fishing and sporting goods industry, working as a sales representative for renowned brands like Scientific Anglers and TFO. During this time, I had the incredible privilege of collaborating with legends such as Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser. Fast forward to 2010, I ventured into owning and managing fly shops in the Springfield, Missouri area. Now, at the age of 58, I’m enthusiastic about dedicating the rest of my years to what I cherish most – teaching people the art of fly fishing.

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Jake Smith - Fly Fishing & Spin Only | No Bait Trips

The first time I grasped a fly rod was at the age of eight. It was my Papaw’s old fly rod he used for Bluegill. He went out of his way to teach me how to cast and would take me to farm ponds with Poppers and Bream Killers. I was hooked from day one.

My Cousin, who was a few years older than I, grew up on the Little Red River here in Arkansas, where he became a fly guide while in high school. I was eleven when he and my Dad got me a fly rod for my birthday. My Cousin took me wade fishing, and I spent the whole time in the trees. My Cousin told me that there would be plenty of time for him to teach me how to improve my skills. Sadly, he was killed in a wreck three weeks later at the age of nineteen. From that day on, I planned to become a great fly fisherman just like he was.

My Papaw made sure I had time on the river every Spring Break and on and off in the Summers. We would camp at the Swinging Bridge RV Park there on the Little Red. Fly fishing for trout was beyond his knowledge, so I had to try and learn on my own. One day, an Old man sitting on the bank had been watching my struggle. He called me over to him. He was tying flies there on the bank and gave me a few flies. He told me how to fish them and the areas to fish them. I started catching fish right off the bat! I found myself on the next several trips teaching other young anglers such as myself what that old man had taught me. I never thought of it as being a guide; however, I was becoming one just like my Cousin.

Years passed, and life took me away from my passion. College was not for me, but I went. Everyone told me I needed a job that would allow me to have fun when I retired. (Years of nothingness) After seeing guys retire and have all these great plans and die months after retiring, I chose to leave the game. I finally had had enough and decided to live life NOW!

I got into guiding and never looked back. I’m able to be myself, and that’s worth more than any retirement plan.

My goal is to teach people the enjoyment of the art of fly fishing. Seeing the smiles and bright eyes of someone catching their first or biggest fish on a fly rod gives me great joy. One day, I’ll be that old man on the bank tying flies and passing on my knowledge to some other young one with the same passion I had at their age. These are my life goals. Not fortune or fame, but keeping the art of fly fishing alive and well, just like my Cousin and Papaw did with me.


Daron - Night Trips | Fly Shop

Daron’s roots lie in southeastern Pennsylvania, a place where hunting, fishing, and outdoor survival skills were woven into his family’s heritage. The spark of his fly fishing journey was ignited at the tender age of 12 when his uncle introduced him to the art on a quaint local stream. From that moment, Daron was captivated by the challenge and exhilaration of hooking a wild brown trout and skillfully landing it in his net. This passion remained unwavering over the next three decades. Armed with an environmental science degree from Delaware Valley University, Daron joined his father in managing a prominent masonry supply company. However, his heart yearned for the pursuit of big fish, and he tirelessly used his days off and vacations to expand his knowledge and experience in fishing destinations across the globe.

Daron’s angling adventures took him to every major fly fishing hub in the continental US, spanning from the picturesque landscapes of Montana and Colorado out west to the serene waters of upper-state New York, Vermont, and down south to Tennessee and Arkansas. Yet, his appetite for more experiences grew, leading him to explore international destinations, including Iceland, Puerto Rico, and a remarkable 6-week journey in Argentina.

A dedicated student of the craft, Daron sought guidance from masters in the sport near his home, fishing alongside luminaries like Joe Humphreys and Ed Shenk on the renowned Yellow Breeches. Countless casting lessons helped him refine his technique. It was on the Yellow Breeches that Daron was introduced to his next fly fishing passion: night fishing. The thrill of pursuing big trout, known for their nocturnal feeding habits, under the cover of darkness with large mousing patterns and streamers became his new obsession.

In his quest to find the best night fishing destinations across the country, Daron’s journey led him to the waters of Arkansas, where he crossed paths with Jeremy, Lisa, and his wife Liz at Flys and Guides. Encouraged by their support and guidance, Daron made the exhilarating yet nerve-wracking decision to pursue a full-time career as a fly fishing guide. With Flys and Guides expanding to two locations, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for Daron to join the team, contributing both in-store expertise and as an additional guide during the bustling season.

Daron is overjoyed to be a part of the Flys and Guides team, eager to share his unwavering passion for fly fishing and the thrill of night fishing with all those who are ready to embark on this incredible journey.

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Hunter Dismore - Spin Fish & Bait Trips

Hunter Dismore, owner of Dismore Guide Service, is all about the White and Norfork Rivers. He’s been casting lines there since he was a kid, creating memories with every tug on the line. Now, he takes it up a notch by parking his camper by the river – a move that shows just how much these waters mean to him.

For Hunter, it’s not just about catching fish; it’s a full-on connection to the rivers. Those childhood fishing trips? They’re the foundation of his passion today. As time rolled on, so did Hunter’s commitment, turning a hobby into a real bond with the flowing waters.

To take things to the next level, Hunter decided to set up camp right by the river. Now, the soothing sounds of the water are a constant companion. It’s not just about the catch; it’s about living side by side with the rivers.

Owning Dismore Guide Service is Hunter’s way of sharing the love. He wants others to experience the joy he found growing up by the riverbanks. His guide service isn’t just a business; it’s a way to pass on years of river wisdom.

And, with a keen eye on the future, Hunter is committed to passing down this knowledge to future generations. The ripple effect of his childhood connection with the rivers extends beyond his own experiences, becoming a legacy for those who follow in his footsteps. For Hunter Dismore, the rivers aren’t just a background scene – they’re a part of who he is, and he’s dedicated to ensuring they remain a vital part of the stories told to generations yet to come.

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Zach Holmes - Spin Fish & Bait Trips

I began my fishing journey at the age of 4 when my family moved to the Cotter area. My stepdad introduced me and my brothers to the wonders of fishing on the White River, instilling in us a deep appreciation for the sport. As my brother became involved in a fly-fishing program, I eagerly followed suit at the age of 10, drawn by the desire to share in his experiences.

Despite frequent moves during my youth, I remained dedicated to fly fishing whenever and wherever possible. However, after graduating, the demands of building a life led me to temporarily set aside my passion. Yet, over time, I came to realize that life held more than just the daily grind of work.

Returning to Mountain Home, AR for a job opportunity brought me back to the White River and reignited my love for fishing. Reconnecting with the fly rod, I rediscovered the magic of the sport. Investing in a river boat, I began sharing the thrill of catching world-class trout with friends and family, finding immense joy in their excitement.

Inspired by this newfound purpose, I embarked on the journey to become a guide on the White River, ensuring I met all legal requirements along the way. Despite maintaining a traditional 9-5 job, I feel blessed to answer the call of guiding whenever it comes, enriching both my life and those I have the privilege to guide. This journey has been a testament to the enduring passion and joy that fishing brings to my life.

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Henry - Custom Fly Tier | Commercial Tyer | Shop Rat

Henry’s journey into the realm of angling began amidst the tranquil rivers near Cincinnati, Ohio, where he cut his teeth fishing for smallmouth bass. It was here that he was first introduced to the art of fly fishing through a local shop that passionately promoted the pursuit of smallmouth and hybrid bass with the fly rod. Enthralled by the elegance and finesse of fly fishing, Henry’s passion grew exponentially, leading him to immerse himself in the craft.

As his skills on the water flourished, Henry found himself drawn deeper into the intricacies of fly tying. Working at the local shop, he honed his craft, meticulously crafting specialized streamers that were either rare finds or entirely unique creations. His dedication and expertise quickly earned him recognition among fellow anglers, establishing him as a go-to resource for innovative fly patterns.

However, despite his love for his hometown waters, Henry yearned for greater fishing opportunities. Following his graduation from high school, he made the bold decision to relocate to the rugged landscapes of northern Colorado in pursuit of new adventures on the water.

In the vast expanse of Colorado’s wilderness, Henry found himself in angler’s paradise. With the North Platte and Upper Colorado Rivers as his playground, he delved into the world of fly fishing with unwavering zeal. It was here that he was introduced to the thrill of night fishing for elusive brown trout, a pursuit that added a new dimension to his angling repertoire.

Yet, Henry’s explorations were far from over. Two years into his Colorado odyssey, he embarked on a transformative journey to the White River, lured by tales of its legendary trout fishing and abundant river smallmouth. What he discovered exceeded even his wildest expectations – a haven of year-round, world-class angling that captured his heart and soul.

Today, Henry continues to pursue his passion for fly fishing with boundless enthusiasm, forever chasing the next adventure on the water. Whether he’s casting his line into the rushing currents of Colorado’s rivers or exploring new waters beyond, his love for the sport remains as deep as the rivers he calls home.