River Guide Info

Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced White River fly fishing guide is the best way to stay safe and on top of the hot bite, no matter what type of water conditions present themselves. Fly fishing on the White River and Norfork Tailwater can be tricky because of constantly changing water flows.  There will be days when a boat will be necessary to effectively fly fish these Ozark Mountain trophy trout fisheries. All of the guides that work for Fly’s and Guides Fly Fishing Guide Service are courteous, understand how to fly fish while wading or out of a river/drift boat, and they here to show you a enjoyable time out on the water.

Why you should be hiring a guide

There are many reasons to hire a professional guide for your trip to the White River, and the Norfork Tailwater. First of all, water levels are unpredictable and fluctuate continually. This dynamic will present overwhelming challenges to anglers who primarily wade or are visiting for the first time. Wading is just not possible many days, and the whole purpose for most of a fishing trip is to catch fish. A qualified guide will give you your best odds no matter what the water conditions are. In an effort to help people understand the benefits of a guided fishing trip, I have compiled a list of common questions (with answers) that anglers considering using a guide may have.

The productive and often flat-out crazy trout fishing that is common in the White River Basin will only be experienced to its fullest if your vacation is adequately planned. One of the biggest tricks to making the most out of this trout fishing destination lies in figuring out how to spend the most time possible actually fishing.

It may seem weird, but it is very common to see groups of fly fishermen “hanging out” on the banks of the Norfork  waiting for conditions to change. This is no way to spend valuable time that is meant for fishing. During periods of low water, the dynamics allow for all-day fishing. Through research, along with asking questions, it is possible to forecast the upcoming conditions based on prevailing flow trends.

If it looks like the dams are going to be releasing water during your stay, it is time to consider the use of a guide who understands how to effectively and safely fly fish during high water periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a guide save me money?
The answer to this question is a resilient “Yes”, if your time could be spent doing something else productive. It is wasteful to make the effort to visit one of the country’s premiere trout destinations only to get shut out by unexpected water releases. It happens here all the time even though some of the best fly fishing action is experienced while drifting in a boat when the water is high. The guys who are do-it-yourself types should still utilize the services of a guide in order to learn how to safely run a boat on the river, and the knowledge of a local angler also comes in quite handy when the river is low. If you are a self-sufficient fly fishermen, future fishing time will be enhanced significantly if a guide is hired for the first few days of a trip. Considering that most people struggle to find the time to go fly fishing, it makes complete sense to get the most out of those precious moments on the water. Guides are just a necessary entity that will help ensure a positive experience.
Should I hire a guide through a resort or fly shop?

It is hard to answer this question because there are so many variables at play. Fly shops and resorts do have access to some very talented guides, but it is often difficult to determine who your exact guide will be before the trip. It is possible to submit requests, but it can be a hassle making all your guided fishing arrangements through a “middle-man”. Be wary of guide trips that cost significantly less than the status quo, as often, these are resort guides who are not devoted fly anglers. Everyone is trying to capitalize on the emerging popularity of fly fishing, but there are only a handful of experienced and passionate fly fishing guides in the Ozarks. These are the guys that understand appropriate fly fishing techniques and they will quickly figure out the best spots for the conditions at hand. Fly shops are a safer bet than resorts for fly fishing guides, but at times you will still rarely know exactly who you will be fishing with. Because of profit motives, fly shops often charge the highest prices in our area for a level of service that is often inferior to what an independent guide provides.  At Flys and Guides we are a Fly Shop that uses several independent guides and do everything in our power to make the best match possible when finding your guide.

What are the advantages of hiring an independent guide?
The Ozarks is home to a significant group of independent guides. These sportsmen do not rely on outfitters to provide clients. When you hire an independent, you should have a pretty good idea of what they are all about before the actual trip. Most of the independent guides have updated Web sites, and they are all accessible via email or on the phone. Also take advantage of the “less-biased” opinions of independent guides when it comes to lodging and logistical information. With such a large number of independents, the Ozarks presents the rare opportunity to work with a guide when planning every detail of a fly fishing trip. At the very least, when you use an independent guide, you can be assured that they exclusively fly fish and that they will be providing everything necessary for your day on the water. An Ozark fly fishing guide should include, at no additional cost, drinks, flies, tackle, a safe boat and anything else that could prove handy while on the water.
Why should I hire Jeremy and Lisa or any other guide through flysandguides.com?

Passion. There are no other fly-fishing guides in the area as devoted to creating the perfect fly-fishing experience for clients. In order to accomplish this, we spend copious amounts of time out on the water checking things out, and we stay on top of all prevailing trends. We take our business seriously, but we also always focus on the primary objectives when we take people fishing: learning and having fun. Most of the guides in the Ozarks only frequent certain stretches of water, whereas, we will explain all of the options across the region for the particular day. We are intimately familiar with the White River, and Norfork Tailwater, and we will take our clients to any one of those incredible trout fisheries. It is critical to be versatile as guides on these unpredictable rivers, so we utilize a traditional drift boat and a motorized river boat to help reach less-pressured water. We will rarely wade into spots, unless the water is low and even then, there are opportunities to use the boat to beat the crowds and to stay on top of the fish. Our clients are encouraged to ask questions, and we work hard to tailor each trip to the specific desires and goals of the anglers. If we are booked on the day(s) that you had hoped to fish with us, we also work closely with several highly qualified guides who will get the job done with class.


How do I get the ball rolling on a guide trip?

Guided trips are available 365-days a year, but certain times of year are busy. It never hurts to inquire about availability, even if it is at the last second, cancellations do happen.  Of course, it is best to allow the most time possible to plan your trip. We will work closely with our clients to help them cover their bases, but the booking process is simple: Just drop us an email or give us a call. Have your prospective dates and other details ready.