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Discover fly fishing on the Lake Taneycomo, White River & Norfork Tailwaters

The most comprehensive website ever created regarding fly fishing introduction in northern Arkansas and southwest Missouri. There is much to be discovered when learning about fly fishing on the Lake Taneycomo stretch of the White River. This site is a one-of-a-kind resource, and you will quickly see why it is considered one of the best fly fishing websites in the country. Lake Taneycomo, outside of Branson, Missouri, is indeed a section of the White River, and the fact that there is so little in the way of information regarding this trophy trout fishery, it has the reputation of being misunderstood.

Hannah Norfork Brown Trout - Rootbeer Midge

The White River and its cold-water tributaries can offer special fly fishing opportunities. The fishing is known throughout the world for the extremely large trout that are caught on a daily basis. This productivity is a result of nutrient-rich waters that support a one-of-a-kind habitat teeming with aquatic life.

Many of the dynamics that come into play on these waters are truly unique and there is no other river system in the country that offers such diversity of conditions. There are challenges and rewards around virtually every bend and the combination of high trout densities coupled with the legendary big fish offers something for fly anglers of all skill levels.

On many rivers, it is possible to know what to expect after just a few seasons of study, but these waterways are different. There is never a dull moment as conditions and trout behavior are in a constant state of flux on the White River (Bull Shoals), the Norfork Tailwater (Norfork Lake), and Lake Taneycomo (Table Rock Lake) due to the tailwater nature of these fisheries.

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Professional Fly Fishing Guide, Jeremy Hunt

My name is Jeremy Hunt.  I have been fly fishing the Ozarks for more than 23 years, and have provided guide services for the past thirteen.  I guarantee you will not find a more passionate guide who cares so much about his client’s well-being than me. When other fly anglers are complaining about rough weather or high water, you will find me where I feel most at home – on the river chasing trophy-sized trout. I simply love the thrill of the hunt.  Be aware that when it comes to locating large fish, there is much more to the pursuit than just playing the numbers game.

The White River Basin’s big trout move around constantly, so at any given time, there are areas where the odds of hooking up with a true pig are better than what you will find somewhere else.The only way to know this information is by being on the water as much as possible.  You can be assured I spend more time looking for fish than casting at them. This is so that my “big fish” clients have the best chance of hooking into the fish of a lifetime.

The guide service I operate is multi-faceted: I cater to experienced trophy fishermen and to those looking to learn all they can about fly fishing. Going after large fish takes patience, discipline and skill, so beginners are best served by spending learning time on the water before just targeting big fish – you have to learn to crawl before you can walk.

I always ask my clients what they hope to achieve during their time with me in order to tailor a trip geared towards their specific aspirations. Whether they want to gain confidence by hooking into a large number of feisty rainbows or if their desire is to have a shot at a lunker, I know where to go and how to best approach the situation at hand.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have as the teaching aspect of fly fishing is just as much of a personal passion as the fishing part is. My website was created as a resource to help those thinking about an Ozark fly fishing adventure make an informed assessment of these often misunderstood fisheries. I have compiled as much information as possible and this site will continue to grow over time, plus, I am always posting an updated fly fishing report whenever possible.

Browse through the volumes of interesting content and soon you will understand why the White River and Norfork Tailwater in Arkansas and Lake Taneycomo in Branson, Missouri are the most productive and exciting trout fisheries in the entire country.

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  1. Brad Nivens on February 26, 2014 at 3:09 am

    I just want to drop in and say hi.

    I love reading you’re posts !

    I was wonder if you had any updated fishing

    Reports for Taney Como ?

    I am going fishing their this weekend to try my luck fly fishing
    For the first time. Wish me luck. Thanks

    • Jeremy Hunt on February 26, 2014 at 3:39 pm

      I really don’t know what you are wanting to know…..about the conditions or what to use. Water generation as of right now has been generating on the weekend and off about 5 hours sometime through the day. This week the water has been running until 10 and back on at 5-6pm. As far as what to use, I think the best bite for catching numbers is fishing midge patterns unless you fish the outlets and of course that would be scuds. Swinging flies can also work if you are fishing small woolies and soft hackles (they don’t work as well in the wind). It seems like they later the day goes the bite slows down a bit. Morning time is better if you get the low water. I’ve been running my trips from 11-3 with the last hour being somewhat slower. hope this helps you. Good day and god luck fishing!

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