Bull Shoals Dam – One Day to Get It Done!!

On the final day of our trip, Lisa was guiding Mike and Greg, and they had an absolutely fantastic morning below Bull Shoals Dam. Interestingly, they both expressed a strong desire to spend their last day on the White River, a choice that coincided perfectly with Lisa’s own plans. In my group for the day were Curtis and Brian. While I typically avoid using customers’ last names, the story behind this particular excursion is so extraordinary that I can’t resist sharing it. It’s one of those tales that will undoubtedly make you sit back and exclaim, “Wow!”

As we all remember, the day when O.J. Simpson was driving the infamous white Bronco is etched in history. Astonishingly, Curtis shares his birthday with that very day. The coincidences don’t stop there; Nicole lived on Bundy Street, and to add to the intrigue, Curtis was driving the same make and model of Bronco that O.J. Simpson was driving during that tumultuous time. It’s an extraordinary series of connections, to say the least.

curtis bull shoals rainbow trout
bundy shad kill brown 10 25 23
brian bull shoals dam rainbow trout
curtis bull shoals rainbow trout

We decided to extend our fishing session until 2 pm, but as the water levels gradually dropped, the fish became less active. In response to this change in behavior, we made the deliberate choice to take a break. Our plan was to return at 5 pm, a time we anticipated another 100mw spike in water generation. This spike typically triggers a feeding frenzy, regardless of the presence of shad. Interestingly, even when shad aren’t present, these fish have a preference for white-colored lures during a shad kill.

Our return trip turned out to be eventful, with numerous sizable rainbows being successfully landed. Although we didn’t document every catch, the river was teeming with rainbows measuring between 16 to 20 inches. We usually reserve our photography efforts for those impressive twenty-inchers or larger. While our primary goal had been to land a substantial brown trout, that elusive fish remained out of reach. Nevertheless, the evening session was quite rewarding, and we continued fishing until it was dark.

Since I still had some hours left to fulfill for my clients, and with the following day off, I decided to embark on an early morning fishing adventure, beginning at 8 am. The goal was to pursue that coveted big brown trout once again. Although we didn’t manage to hook the brown we were after, the trip was still a success. Brian did manage to reel in a commendable twenty-inch rainbow trout, among other fish. This transformed the early morning venture into a bonus round, a testament to our commitment to going the extra mile for our customers. We consistently strive to ensure that their fishing experiences are not only memorable but also highly rewarding.


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