Taneycomo Report August 10 2020

Taneycomo on the Fly Report

The lakes are slowly starting drop back to normal.  Along with that has brought what all of the wade fisherman have been waiting on for most of the year.

The locals that live in and around these areas are getting a few morning hours to capitalize on the water conditions.  For those wanting to make a long drive, its not quite to that point, but if things continue the pockets of low water will hopefully increase.

The latest news is that Taneycomo has now been cutting back on their generation.   Last night’s generation lasted a couple hours longer than projected shutting down at 2 am and was on its way back up by 10am.

The days of the cooler weather have seemed to left the area, so the water turned on right about the time beads of sweat started to form on my forehead.

Brad Wright Sculpin Taneycomo

I told myself I was going to fish a variety of flies and different ways to make a worthwhile fishing report for Taney, since Jeremy and I have gone MIA on the White river for several months now.  Hopefully if this low water continues, we will be back in the area.

I was wanting to get out early in the morning and run some small streamers before daylight, but I must have really been enjoying my coffee since I didn’t get the boat in the water until 6.

Started the morning running white mega worms not casting too far from the boat to keep an eye on the indicator at dawn and did very well.  I rowed up across from rocking chair and decided to run Chartreuse and Peach and had some success on those.

Crackle backs in green where working down by the funnel along with scuds.

I stripped the Brad Wright, sculpin in grey and when the sun finally came out, I ran the golden variant.  I would say that this was by far my most productive bite, but it’s just a fun bite and hard to get off of when the trout are charging at it.

My Hopper rod was still rigged with a Pink Fat Albert from fishing the White, so being a bit lazy I decided to just tie off a rusty midge to see how the midge bite was working and then tried a root beer and olive dun midge just to fish a variety.


I was able to get my fair share on the midges and even one on the hopper.

The Golden Nugget Miracle Fly with a brown san juan dropper around three rocks and was producing right before the water came on at 10.

Normally I wouldn’t mess with fishing such a sudden rise but I decided to make a run up to the dam and see if I could find some clean water and just swapped the brown worm out for a cerise and was able to get a few in the rise to finish the morning.

We hope that everyone can get out and wet a line before the water pattern change.  I netted several quality rainbows this morning, no browns to the boat but seen a few moving around.

The Browns are moving up much like the previous two years, so don’t wait until October.  From what I seen out there today, it’s going to be a strong end of August into September!

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