Quick Reports - Jeremy Hunt

November 19, 2023

Flys and Guides

Jeremy and I hit the water once more today. Jeremy initially teamed up with Jimmy and Bill, who made a brief stop from Memphis. Jimmy introduced his grade school buddy to the world of fly fishing, and Bill quickly mastered the cast, hooking fish in no time. Jimmy displayed remarkable skill and reeled in some robust rainbows and cutthroats.

While Jeremy wrapped up his three-day adventure with the Memphis crew, I embarked on the first of two days with Lewis from Oklahoma and his newfound fishing buddy, Ryan. The day started a bit slow, but once we hit our stride, the action remained steady well into the afternoon.

We initially tried our luck with midges, but the results were less than stellar. We switched over to Chartreuse and Peach Megas, as well as Miracle flies in golden nugget and Oregon cheese, which proved more fruitful. The smaller rainbows couldn’t resist our hooks, but then Lewis made a hookset that hinted at something larger. After a few intense tugs, we discovered a tangled mess of fishing line and a bait hook, complete with a chunk of river bottom housing a concealed sculpin. Slowly maneuvering back towards the channel, Lewis had another exciting hookset, and this time it was worth the anticipation. Ryan skillfully reeled in his line, and after a brief struggle, we brought the fish up from the depths.

As we continued down the river, Lewis pursued his slam by seeking a Brookie, but he also managed to uncover a few elusive fish species that the Fork has to offer.

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