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September 18, 2023

Flys and Guides

The reason behind this is that I typically check the webcams at Gene’s Resort around 8:15 am to assess the river’s water conditions, particularly at the island upstream. Typically, if they initiate water generation, it commences around 8 am. This provides the water approximately fifteen minutes to travel down to the island, enabling me to confirm if they are running water or not.

Chris, the craftsman responsible for crafting my custom fly bins, visits about four times a year. He made a brief stop before heading to Indiana to conduct woodworking classes. He has a strong fondness for fishing in this area, particularly floating the Norfork River in a drift boat. It’s truly an exceptional fishery, and one can’t fully appreciate it unless they explore the entire river. Chris consistently brings a group of six, and Ned usually joins me in my boat during his visits. I could continue listing that we caught approximately seventy fish, including a few browns, but this has become a customary outcome each time you float this river during low water conditions. Undoubtedly, it’s an extraordinary fishery. While I wish the water quality were slightly better, thankfully, the siphon system contributes enough to maintain a healthy fish population in the river.

I’ve noticed the brown trout starting to migrate into the river, which is approximately two weeks earlier than the usual timing. The conjunction of this early brown run and the availability of low water has me eagerly anticipating the weeks ahead. I plan to spend a significant amount of time on both tailwaters, fishing the White River and the Norfork River, as they each offer unique opportunities and experiences right now.

In a related note, I’ve shared a photo showing some eggs that were accidentally released into the boat while handling a brown trout. It’s crucial to handle these fish with care, as we unintentionally stressed the fish simply by lifting it out of the water. In light of this observation, moving forward, I’ll make extra efforts to handle them gently and aim to keep them in the net throughout the process, only taking them out for a quick photo. I encourage all anglers, even myself, to exercise more cautious catch-and-release practices over the next month, as these fish are in their spawning season. Wishing you successful and responsible fishing, and I hope to see you out there or, even better, have you join me in the boat to catch these magnificent fish!


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