Quick Reports - Jeremy Hunt

September 15, 2023

Flys and Guides

We had a decision to make for our last day: whether to wrap up our trip on the Norfork with some fast-paced action playing the numbers game, or to give the White River one more shot, focusing exclusively on landing larger fish. While it’s true that the bite below the dam has been a bit slower, we’ve noticed that the rainbows are consistently larger on average when they do strike. So, we opted for the latter. We stuck with a single approach, and it paid off with some robust rainbow trout.

We did manage to hook a decent brown trout, although a few others leaped high into the air, missing our flies entirely. Even though we didn’t land them, witnessing those leaps was a thrilling sight and is sure to keep our clients coming back for more.

My schedule for the rest of the month is quite full, which is why these reports are concise. The Norfork River is showing promising signs for larger brown trout as they begin their upstream journey. I still have a few available dates in October for this incredible fishing opportunity, but be prepared to rise and shine at the crack of dawn because that’s what it takes to hook those big ones!

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