Quick Reports - Jeremy Hunt

September 15, 2023

Flys and Guides

So, we were debating on if we should spend the last day on the Norfork and leave out with a bang with just playing the numbers game, but we decided to give the White one more run and only go after bigger fish. Yes, the bite has been a little slower below the dam, but the rainbows seem to be bigger on average when you hook up. So that’s what we did. We stuck with fishing one way, and it produced some healthy rainbows. We were able to stick one decent brown but had a few more jump sky high out of the water and missed the fly all together. Even though we didn’t hook them, it was a sight to see and will keep clients coming back for more. I work pretty much the rest of the month so that’s why these will be fast reports, so I can get them out every day. Norfork is shaping up for bigger browns as they make their way up the river. I’ve got a few dates left in October for this amazing bite, but make sure you are ready to fish the crack of dawn, because that’s what it takes to get the big ones!!

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Norfork – Low Water Grand Slam

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Norfork – Brown’s on the Move

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