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May 8, 2022

Flys and Guides

Like most fly shops and fly fishing guides along the White River, we’ve been absolutely enamored with the Spring Caddis hatch. Our conversations are filled with Caddis talk, our days are spent fishing with Caddis dries and nymph patterns, and in the moments we’re not on the water, our thoughts are consumed by Caddis and the magnificent brown trout they continue to lure into our boats day after day. We hold onto the hope that this delightful spectacle will never end, even though we know deep down that it’s inevitable!

Both Jeremy and I have been tirelessly immersed in the midst of these prolific hatches. The Caddis frenzy kicked off in the last two weeks of April and has only intensified with each passing day.

The reduced water flows have allowed for uncomplicated rigs that are a breeze to cast. When occasional surges and bumps in the water challenge us, a bit of split shot added to our setup proves to be the solution.

This past week has treated us to some remarkable dry fly fishing. Every time we venture onto the water, the Caddis population seems to multiply.

Below, you’ll find some of the brown trout that have been skillfully duped by the Caddis patterns available at our shop. Feel free to drop by, and we’re always eager to assist in any way possible. And don’t forget to keep those flies clean – it may seem like a bit of extra effort, but we can’t emphasize its importance enough.

This report is shorter than usual, with more focus on photos, but we simply wanted to assure everyone that we’ve been out there, experiencing the beauty of the Caddis hatch firsthand.

As with most Fly shops and fly fishing guides on the White River, we have been loving every minute of the Spring Caddis hatch.  From talking about Caddis, fishing with Caddis dries, fishing Caddis nymph patterns, and anytime we are not on the water thinking of Caddis and the brown trout that these little protein packed morsels are bringing to the boat on a daily basis, seems to never end!

Both Jeremy and I have been working nonstop during some of the most prolific hatches.  The last two weeks of April started the Caddis craze and it keeps getting stronger with every passing day.

The lower flows have made for some simple rigs that are easy to cast.   When the surges and bumps in water occur, a little split shot added to the set up is getting the job done.  

This last week has brought out some phenomenal dry fly fishing.  For every day we are out on the water more and more Caddis are out.

Below are some of the browns that have been fooled by the Caddis patterns that we have in the shop, stop by and we are always willing to help in any way we can.  Remember to keep those flies clean, it seems like extra work but we cant stress it enough.

Not a long report this time around.  More of a photo overload, but we wanted to let everyone know we have been out there.

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