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September 14, 2021

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White River Fly Fishing Report – September 14th – 2021

White River – Weekday  Adventure 9/14/21

Larry and his son Matt come to Branson and fish Taneycomo annually.

They managed to fit in a one day trip and made the mad dash to the White River on Tuesday in hopes of getting in on some stellar top water action.

To say they did just that, might very well be an understatement.

Larry and his father guide in Maryland on the Sang Run river in Maryland and also spend several months in the winter on the Norfork tailwater guiding.

Reports from the shop Monday was that the water was dirty and dingy.

Most anglers that came in said the bite was slow and the guides were reporting much of the same.

Monday evening the water went back to 17,000 to 20,000cfs and continued into Tuesday.

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The generation finally started to stabilize, however the flows were a little lower than what we saw the weeks prior.

Monday evening Jeremy and I went out for a little research session in hopes of finding a few still looking up.

We did pick up a couple but not at the rate we had been accustomed to.

Jeremy made a few last minute decisions and met up with the boys down stream.

It was one of the best big fish hopper days we have seen on the White this year and unfortunately as I write this report they dropped it back down to the 2500cfs water in the mornings.

So for all of those wanting the high water hopper action we will have to see if they will go back on the banks this evening.

The positive is that for all of those who have been wanting the lower flows for wadable water it looks like it has finally arrived.

Stop by the shop if you need any advice on what bugs to throw at them and we will always be happy to steer you in the right direction.


For those of you that have yet to stop in the Fly’s and Guides Fly Shop at Copper John’s Resort, we hope that you can in the near future.

We have well over 100,000 flies and more patterns than any other shop in the area.  We may not have all the big brands in the sport but we definatly have our fair share.

As always, we welcome everyone to just stop in and say hello.

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