White River Fly Fishing Report| August 5-7, 2020

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August 8, 2020

White River Fishing Report – August 5-7, 2020

White River Waves

August 5, 2020

We are still getting a little opportunity to enjoy some unseasonably cooler weather here in the Ozarks.

So far this week the mornings have been cool and the bite has been steady.

Jeremy was out on Wednesday with Matt down from Montgomery City, Missouri.

In case you do not keep up with Facebook, they were able to experience an interesting event below the Bull Shoals Dam.

They started the day off working on some simple nymphing techniques.

Fishing Megaworms, Y2K, midges, and San Juan worms.

They worked on high water rigs and managing a drift in heavier flows from a boat

White River Waves Y2K Rainbow White River

Then Jeremy was able to get in on an interesting shad bite when what appeared to be flushing of the sluice gates below the dam.

Jeremy mentioned that at one point the waves crashing into the concrete wall were well over 4-foot-high

The crashing waves knocked out a whole bunch of trout goodness that soon washed down into the river.

They were able to get several on top with the wiggle minnows and a few down deeper and on the drop with Arkansas bead heads.

They reported the bite was strong for well over an hour and then the trip was cut short due to another summer time pop up shower.

August 6, 2020

Jeremy started his first day of a four day run with Dwight, Tom, and Andrew from Kansas City.  Young Andrew, now the age of 16 was out and ready to throw the hopper.

They were able to continue on with a little more of the shad bite that carried over from the day before, but the bite was on its way out.

Dwight got a nice brown to go along with numerous rainbows and cutthroat trout before lunch and Tom was able to scratch the Tiger trout off of his bucket list this go around.

Dwight White River Brown Trout Tom White River Tiger

I was able to fit in another few hours with Kyran before he headed back to Pennsylvania.

Somehow little Sean Wayne found out that this was going to go down so, he was up and ready to go out on the boat with Momma soon after I woke up.

After getting Sean on some rainbows with the white Mega Worms, we started our trip down stream.

sean megaworm

Kyran would normally want to get in on the hopper bite but, after our last trip out he was ready watch that indicator go down.

So out came the Girdle Bugs and down went the bobber.

We managed to find a few browns, weed out the smaller rainbows, and bring a nice sized Brook trout to the net.

Double rigged Y2K’s with Brown San Juan Worms and Dynamite worms also did the trick when the sun was overhead.

Kyran White River Brown Trout Girdle Bug Kyran White River Brook Trout

August 7, 2020

Jeremy was back out for day with the boys form Kansas City,  doing much of the same things as before.

They started a bit later, waiting on the storms to pass over the area and got on the water around 9.

They picked up several rainbows and browns on girdle bugs later in the morning.  They did decide to split the day up and go back out in the evening to throw the hopper and were able to find a few rainbows looking up.

Dwight white river evening rainbow evening white river andrew Tom White River Brown Girdle Bug

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