White River Fly Fishing Report| August 1 & 2, 2020

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August 4, 2020

White River Fishing Report – August 1 & 2, 2020

Weekend Fly Fishing Report

What a great weekend to be on the water, or anywhere outdoors for that matter.

After the miserable heat that has been beating down all over Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas last month.

It was nice having just a tiny glimpse of what fall temps will be like in just a few months.

We are starting to see more photos showing up on social media with anglers determined to throw the foam.

Nothing like seeing a few browns being picked up on grasshopper patterns to start the hopper craze here in the Ozarks.

aug2 white river midge fishing

August 1, 2020

We are seeing a few browns that are looking up.

Clients have been wanting a more consistent bite, so it has been difficult to stay on the hopper bite for a significant amount of time.

We have been fishing subsurface and deeper in the water column to keep on a steady bite.

Jeremy was out on Friday and Saturday with Jacob and his love from Washington state.

It was Halie’s first time to Jacob’s birth state and her first time fly-fishing.

The couple were able to find some nice rainbows and a brook trout during their time out together.

Fishing pradominantly midges and worms.

August 2, 2020

On Sunday Jeremy was out with brothers Jordan and Landon, before a popup thunderstorm cut their trip a little short.

The duo netted countless rainbows and found a few smaller tiger trout and cutthroats that wanted to play.

aug cutt aug report

August 1&2, 2020

During the weekend I was able to get Kyran out for a few hours around lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

We wanted to throw the foam but realized with our late start we might as well fish deep.  So we will have to save the hopper bite for another day.

After a few runs with double rigged San Juan worms,  I switched Kyran over to the girdle bug and we managed to find some nice browns to make it successful trip.

kyran white river flys and guides

Overall it was a great weekend to be on the water, as any weekend on the White River tends to be.

Flies that produced and we have in stock if you are in need are:


San Juan Worms

Mega Worms

Root beer, Ruby, Black and Nickel Zebra Midges

Girdle Bugs

Fat Albert Hoppers

kyran Flys and Guides white river brown Gaston's White River Brown

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