Mid August Taneycomo Fishing Report

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August 21, 2017

Table rock lake level is at 917.04 the tail water level is at 702.08. Water temperature at the School of the Ozarks 58.64 deg. F the Dissolved Oxygen level is near 5.6 mg/L Currently at 8am the water has been off at Taneycomo since 10pm last night 8/16/2017 and we accumulated 1.09 in. rain in the last 24 hours.

Lake Taneycomo has provided us with a few weekends of low water with zero generation along with one to two-unit water in the afternoons. During the week, we are typically seeing steady one-unit water all night and into the morning with pockets of two to three-unit water later on in the day, with an occasional no generation morning thrown in the mix. The water still remains stained from the recent floods, but with every day the water clarity is increasing and unfortunately with every day the water temp seems to be increasing and the dissolved oxygen levels are decreasing along with the lower generation. Bright attention-grabbing flies like the miracle fly, mega worms, and san juan worms in cerise, red, and fluorescent pink have been consonantly boating fish in one-unit water and midges in rust brown and olive are still doing the trick. In low water midges is various colors rust brown, black, and red all seem to be working in size 16 and 18 along with the mega worm, san juans in worm brown and various scuds. We are starting seeing a few browns which is pretty for the early party of August. The latest flood around Memorial Day did move some gravel around on the bottom on upper Taneycomo, but not like we have seen in previous floods. The good news is the funnel below the boat ramp and above the KOA has a deeper more pronounced channel that is providing stronger current much like what we saw before the 2015 floods. Wooly buggers, small sculpin patterns, soft hackles, cracklebacks, scuds, san juan, and shammy worms are all working in the right scenarios in this area.


As the summer rolls on we are finally starting to see a few fish looking up and with every trip the hopper bite is steadily increasing. Pink and brown Fat Alberts in size 6 and 8 are working when fishing top water. Fishing around structure is defiantly bringing a new twist to upper Taneycomo since the flood we are seeing greater number of Kentucky bass almost a regular on our trips with a few perch scattered in.



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