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April 16, 2015

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Lake Taneycomo Fly Fishing Report | Generation Predictions

Roark Creek -MouthRain rain go away, come again some other day!  With the number of rainy days in the past week, I find myself wondering if in the near future we are going to see the flood gates open or just enough rain that we skate by with periods of heavy generation.  As I sit here and write this report only to look outside and see nothing more than a steady down pour.  In the last report I thought we would see low water in the coming weeks, since that time rain showers continue to pop up almost daily.  Not a lot has changed in the way of draining down the lake,  Beaver is still in good shape and is only up about a foot above power pool.  This lake is the first of a chain of dams and will never be impacted by another lakes generation water dumping into it.  Beaver’s lake level will only raise due to rainfall.

If you notice Taneycomo is almost back at power pool.  Those long rainfalls have a significant impact on Table Rock Lake because of all the run off and generation out of Beaver Dam will only result in rising lake levels.  If Table Rock starts to see high lake levels, we will see the Corp once again start releasing big water into Taneycomo.

Tailwater levels as of right now

Beaver Tailwater as of now; 1120. 94   Level Power Pool 1120.43    Top Power Pool 1130.0 (Can only take 10 feet before opening flood gates)
Taneycomo Tailwater as of now; 915.05  Level Power Pool 915.0    Top Power Pool 931.0 (Can only go up 16 feet before opening flood gates)
White River Tailwater as of now; 667.42  Level Power Pool 659.0    Top Power Pool 695.0 (Can only go up 36 feet before opening up flood gates)
Norfork Tailwater as of now; 557.86   Level Power Pool 553.75    Top Power Pool 580.0 (Can only go up 27 feet before opening up flood gates)

Roark Creek - WadingTaneycomo – The fishing hasn’t been the best up top with heavy flows, but now they are running a hard two generators so fishing has improved a little.  This is still tough fishing for the rookies, so I’ve been hitting the creeks. This can be tricky and can also be a hit or miss situation depending on generation and rainfall to get the creek up and creating flow to move the trout up. I’ll talk more about this in the Roark Creek section of the report.

I haven’t spent a great deal of time on the upper stretch for the simple fact that I’ve been there and done that so it’s all been back in the creeks for me. If you are fishing from a boat the best flies have been pink or cerise worms in the jumbo or standard sizes. Also, trailing miracle flies with grey scuds in size 12 or 14’s have been effective. If you like streamer fishing this month can be great for Taneycomo. I’ve had some of my best streamer fishing in April for this tailwater.

Little Roark Creek Rainbow TroutRevised 4-16-2015

Depending on rain this could change. This morning I woke up and looked at the generation schedule and notice that Taneycomo is shut down until 1pm. This could be the trend as of right now and this could very will be the future generation schedule. My guess is now that the lake dropped back down to power pool they are not as concerned with the rains unless we get substantial one in a short period of time. The good news is we are almost out of the rainy season and maybe that is why they have chosen to change the generation schedules.  That’s all great news for everyone on this side of the dam.   All we can do is cross our fingers and hope those April showers start to taper off.

Roark Creek Brown TroutRoark Creek – The key to success in this creek is early in the morning when the midges get going and the day after a rain where the creek has some flow. You can fish this river the best by boat, but walking in can be done if you know where to go. I would suggest not going this route since this is a timeshare resort they will kick you out if you are not a guest there. The trout are all stockers for the most part, but they are still fun to catch and if you hit it right you can catch one just about every other cast. What hurts you on more hookups is if you can’t cast, but it’s been great for most my clients because they are learning and this makes it a lot easier on them because you don’t have to fight the current. It’s always been about the client and I want to make sure I put them in situations where they enjoy it and catch fish all at the same time. The downfall is you don’t get to float. You do get to walk around in the creek if the flow is right. The trout will move in the mouth of the creek and since I’m fishing by drift boat I’m the only one way up there so we have the whole creek to ourselves. That’s been a bonus and you do feel like you are in the middle of nowhere giving you that true feeling of fly fishing like your out west.

What is the key to success?

You have to get up early, the midge bite is just nuts first thing in the morning. The trout really don’t care what midge you have either. The key is finding the pack. They seem to swim in schools and if you find the school then it’s bam, bam, bam! Then it might go dead until you find the pack again.  Roark Creek is like a small pond with a creek mouth that dumps into it. The creek doesn’t fish well unless we have rain to draw trout up.  If there is no rain and no current they will swim around in the open water. One key ingredient here is the flow in the main Taneycomo channel has to be up in order to draw them in there too. If you get lower levels it seems like the trout swim back into Taney. If Taneycomo is running big water they seem to migrate in there by the hundreds. I feel it makes the water just a little cooler and that’s why they are back in there. Also, this a small window of opportunity because the water is still cold from the winter. As the weather gets hotter this creek turns into a bass fishery for the most part. There are a lot of largemouth in the creek, but they are smart as a whip due to all the pressure from people trying to target them from the bank or by boat. I’ve also caught crappie, white bass, and bluegill while targeting trout only.

I know everyday could be the last day so it’s is a gamble. I’ll keep going back up in there as long as the trout are cooperating. Hopefully this gives you some insight on creek fishing with a fly rod. It sure beats fishing in all that current. The only downfall is no big fish, but it sure is fun catching a ton of them.

If you would like to know more about fly fishing on Lake Taneycomo or and of the tailwaters and how they work well during certain times of the year you can send me a email directly to [email protected] if you are interested in booking a guide trip. Feel free to visit us on Facebook, If you really liked this article, +1 above – check us out at +flysandguides (Google+) or send us a tweet with a question or just to say hi. Check out the Fly of the Month!

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