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December 10, 2013

Michael's Norfork Brook Trout


WOW!! That’s all I can say about the Norfork Fly Fishing Report. I’m sure you guys are reading the all the “hype” from all the reports so it’s not like I’m letting the secret out. You can tell when you fish it. I’ve been wondering where all the guides are because I’m not seeing them on the White River and that’s because this is where it’s at right now. Since the implemented the new siphon to improve the D.O. these river is bouncing back in a serious way. Last week was my first time fishing it in over two years. I got tired of floating it with my drift boat because it had filled in so much around the islands downstream you had to literally push your boat for several hundred yards and it wasn’t fair to my clients. Some had to help me and that’s not a guide trip if you ask me.

Norfork Fly Fishing Report

Dave's Norfork brown in the winter

From what I can tell the fish have always been plentiful in this river, but the problem has always been low D.O. levels and bait pressure. Because they have improved both of these, this river can now be what it’s always could’ve been. This issue of the Norfork Fly Fishing Report clearly indicates how they extended the trophy area which limits bait fisherman to rape fish out by the handfuls and where they put the catch-n-release it is in the prime time water where fish like to congregate. Along with the improved D.O. you can already tell a huge improvement just on the size alone. I’ve never seen rainbows to be of any size in this stretch, but we manage to hook a 20 incher first time floating it.

Most of what we caught on average was bigger then anything I’ve caught floating this river on a continuous bases in the past. I’m sure a lot of this has to do with the regulations on having more water protected from bait. The D.O. being better will bring more fish into the river and they won’t leave when the D.O. levels are bad like they would do in the past. When lakes turn over that’s when the D.O. is really good, sometimes being in the 9-11 ppm (parts per million) on the tailwater sides. This happens in the fall and the spring.

Dave's second Norfork Brown

These were the two big factors on improving this fishery and it’s looks like it’s finally going in the right direction. When I had a trip last week we saw four other guides rung the river with us, but it didn’t stop any of us from hooking numbers. Every guide I talked to had nothing, but good things to say about their day. And being that this is river is only 4.4 miles long it seem to welcome the pressure. I guess you can say. it’s not going to be a river I thought in the past to be good one day and the next day not so much. We also manage to hook a grand slam along with fifteen or so browns and three being over 20 inches in one day. Those are great days for any client in my book, actively staying hooked up coupled with a kicker fish every once in awhile to keep the day exciting. All I can say is I’ll be back every chance I can.

Adam's Norfork Brown

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