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October 3, 2013

September 29th 2013

Lake Taneycomo Fly Fishing Report – It’s about that time!!!

Father and son fly fishingWe are coming into our “hot” month for browns to start the spawnn in this lake taneycomo fly fishing report. When I say that, I don’t mean get ready to rape redds. I mean it’s time to fish for them in a way that is not cheating. In the last five years, I have seen it all and it really puts a chill down my spine to see how one can be so desperate to get a lunker. Think twice before you fish over spawning fish. I’m sure some of you have read this before, but I’m going to reiterate it to the ones who still fail to understand why outlets are bad for the spawn. Since we all know these “outlet” fish cannot have a successful spawn, many think it is perfectly acceptable to target them.

First time brown trout Lake TaneycomoEven though it’s not cheating to catch one in the outlets, it is still a terrible way to catch these beautiful browns–especially when you see a guide throwing three hooks and snagging fish and trying not to let the client see how it was caught. To me that is the worst thing someone can do during the spawn. Another way is to target a fish for hours until you aggravate it enough to pick up the fly and move it. This is important to me and I want to bring it to your attention. I hope you understand I have only the best intentions. There are other ways to catch these monster browns besides such desperate cheating.

NOTE: When hooking one of these fish in the outlets in this lake taneycomo fly fishing report, PLEASE don’t drag the fish onto the bank to get a picture. Use a net and keep the fish in the water. Take a picture, put it back in the net and then take another one if you wish. The trout will love you for this. If you plan to keep one, just remember this: it took that fish a long time to get that big and he had to go through a lot of bait fishers. Or maybe he was just lucky. Either way, we don’t have a lot of big fish anymore because we lost them in the flood or the holding tanks so why not just purchase a replica. You will feel better in the long run for doing what is right. Remember, another generation is right behind you wanting to get a shot at of these big boys. Please do the right thing.

Night fishing can be a productive way to catch a big fish, and you will feel good about bringing it into the net. I never understood how one can brag about hooking a big fish in the outlet. I mean they are in there to feed, but if those outlets weren’t there then you would have to really learn how to fly fish in a more skilled way to catch one and the reward feels a lot better. One day we will all get older and our conscience will get the better of us, so remember that when you feel like cheating.

I’m sure some of you reading this know I fish egg patterns. Yes I do, but I have never fished an egg over a redd and to be truthful, you can fish egg patterns year round and hook big fish without fishing on a redd. If you don’t believe me, then you need to go fishing with me. Big fish will always relate to egg patterns. I’ve moved big fish 20 yards to check out an egg pattern, but I have never moved a big fish on traditional patterns in my whole life. If you don’t make the drift count by putting it directly in the fish’s lane more than likely that big fish will not move to see what fly you are throwing. Why? It’s because he can’t see it for the most part. Now I’m not talking about streamers or a big fly; I’m talking about: scuds, sowbugs, midges, worms or any traditionally effective trout flies. Big fish get smart to flies they have been hooked on, and you can still catch them on all that stuff, but your drift better be on point or that fish more probably won’t move to check out your offering. I fish all the time, so I’m talking from experience, not from reading it in a magazine. These fish talk to me and tell me what they want and that is the pleasure of figuring out why trout are such a finicky fish altogether and why they can be so selective. It does keep the angler coming back and that what’s so great about the sport of fly fishing.

Lake Taneycomo Fly Fishing Report – Let’s talk about the “brown” run and how you can be effective on hooking one of these bad boys!!

Setting the hook fly fishing on Lake TaneycomoBesides fishing the outlets, I’ll let you in on where these fish like to hold during the run. We all know about the rebar hole, but that is usually crowded so you have to get up at the crack of dawn or you won’t get this spot at all. These locals play a tag team game where they won’t let anyone in there unless you are a local. Just down from that is the gauntlet hole and then the big hole. These are prime areas where browns will hold. There are not a lot of redds in this particular area, so you will feel good about hooking one without feeling guilty. Rocking chair is also a good place to fish, but it’s only good for one or two anglers before it is crowded out. The funnel is a good one, too. It’s right below the ramp where the water gets skinny. This area is often crowded, but there is plenty of room to spread out and fish. There will be a lot of redds at the top of the funnel, but don’t worry there will be one guide who will stake this spot out to fish the redds. Fish the lower section of the funnel and you will do just fine. This can be a really good spot at night also. There is another section that is between outlet one and two that holds a fair number of fish. This is another spot that doesn’t have a lot of redds, but the browns still hold in it. These browns really like making redds below outlet two in the tail out of the chute. I would leave that one alone, but you will find cruisers along the bank in the same area that are not on redds. They love to pick off your flies if you have the right one.

If you are asking yourself why I will give up these holes, it’s because there are no secrets about these spots. I want to inform you so you can have a chance at one of these fish. Remember that I built this site to educate people who are driving a long way to learn how to catch fish on our tailwaters. I was always told to be a giver and that’s what I enjoy doing. I just want people to catch fish. I would want the same if I drove a long way to fish for these trout.

If I want a big fish I have every day to catch one because I’m out there every day. This year alone I ran 380 guide trips, and that my friend is a lot of time to get the job done. Night fishing to me is the only way to be really effective on hooking one the right way and also to have a chance at a real monster 15 pounds or more. You will see a lot of fish cruising around during the day, but not eating flies because of the pressure, but once it gets dark, it’s a whole new ball game.

What flies should I be tying in this Lake Taneycomo Fly Fishing Report?

Rainbow caught on Rusty Midge patternGray scuds would be my first choice, then resort to the usual suspects. If you really want a chance to hook one without trying too hard, use San Juan worms when they first turn the water on. When I fished the outlets as a kid, I did fish brown worms on the rise, but I was fishing the tail end and I always hooked into a solid brown. Have a chance at the fish that cruise along the banks, you have to be real patient and let your fly sit there forever before one will swim by and pick it up. You need to use real small flies—nothing bigger than a size 20. I’ll let you figure it out from there. I gave you some real good advice; now it’s your job to test your skills and see how far along you are in the sport. Good luck and if you do get one let me know about it. I always like hearing the stories.

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