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July 24, 2013

Fly’s and Guides Fishing Report – July 24th 2013

Low water, high water, who knows……that seems to be the trend right now!

Adrian Lake Taneycomo Miracle FlyThis fly fishing report will cover a lot about the water generation and the hopper bite. With these pocket storms moving in this week, we have been seeing some more generation. This whole week the water has been generating around the clock. The lower water has been in the morning (until noonish) and that is the window for wading opportunities. You have to know where to go or you might wind up thinking there is no wadable water, but there is. On the opposite side of the river has a bunch of wading opportunities. If you cross over the dam heading south look for the first road and take a left. There is where you will find tons of water that is easy to wade. And you more then likely will have most of it all to yourself, maybe not since I’m writing this, but you won’t have to combat fish the outlets which is nice. I would imagine after all this rain we will have generation and if we do see longer periods of low water I would guess it would be on the weekends. Like I said on my Facebook page, this is where I write shorter reports if you want to know what is going on on a regular basis.

Brown on Lake Taneycomo with a Rusty MidgeSo like my recent report on FB. We are seeing low D.O. levels and the bite is tougher if you fish Taneycomo when the water is off. I’ll let you on a few secrets, fish current when nymph fishing, and when you are fishing minimal current try swinging woolies, soft hackles and crackleback’s. The fish are a little weary of feeding on patterns that you are dead drifting, but they are in the mood to chase if you have the right fly patterns. I would use smaller sizes in the midges and use 7x tippet. Even go smaller when fishing wooly buggers like size 10’s. I would also make sure they are beadhead’s. Also, don’t forget about the “famous” miracle fly. it really has saved me when I’m fishing with rookies. The second most productive pattern is Zebra midges in various sizes and colors. In this type of water you either need to change up all the time if you aren’t covering water or fish something you have confidence in and wade water and don’t see it one place to long. The crowded areas are still the chutes/outlets and rebar hole, but there are still some areas that are not being touch that store a bunch of trout. Look for those areas that are storing pods of fish. I wouldn’t just blind fish or you will be going to your vehicle scratching your head. So…..there you go, good luck and I hope this helps you catch a few more trout.

Hopper’s on Taney – Fly Fishing Report

Taneycomo Brown Hopper Fly FishingYes, I have been throwing hoppers for the last month having a ball. I don’t think there is anybody else keying on this particular bite and a lot of it has to do with where they are fishing and what time of the day. There is definitely a “window” of opportunity when fishing this way. I can’t really say or everyone will be fishing my hole and there’s really not enough room to go around so I’m not trying to be hush, hush, but it is a way of protecting my clients so they have full advantage of this without anyone crowding us out. All I know is of you are in a boat at Taneycomo, you should have some hoppers in your box.

Lake Taneycomo Rainbow TroutFly fishing report tip: I will let you know that the hoppers need to be bigger then you think and color has a big role on how many hits you will get. Good luck and if you want to know more in depth about this shoot me an email at flytiehunt

Also, don’t forget about cicada’s, ants and beetles. These are all working as well.

White River – Fly Fishing Report

Scott with Brown Trout at Bull Shoals Dam White RiverNot much in the way to report. I will say the hopper bite is in full swing and the water has been excellent for this style of fishing, even throwing streamers. Again, same thing, lower levels try using various midge patterns. I haven’t been able to get down there because I’m running trips everyday on Taneycomo. Put it this way…..I have no days off in August and half of them will be on the White for the hopper bite. If you plan on booking a trip with me in August the only thing I can do is run half day trips in the afternoon if we have the right water for it. My other guide Marcus has some openings so if you are wanting to fish Taneycomo he will be your guide during the day!Kyran with a White River Rainbow Trout

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