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June 16, 2013

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Taneycomo Fishing Report  – June 16 2013

Low water is at least here for a few more days!!

Double Rainbow on TaneycomoWell………..the good news in this fly fishing report is we have a little low water for the weekend and who knows how long we are going to get it, but I’ll do my best to give you some insight on what I think will happen in the upcoming months as far as generation goes. I do know what the corp is predicting for the rest of the weekend and Monday. Sometimes they will update Friday’s water schedule for Saturday through Monday generation. Sunday we will have the water off until 1pm and Monday the water “should” be off till 3pm, but always be prepared for changes. Especially since Springfield just got dumped on with a substantial amount of rainfall.

What’s left in the lakes as far as how much water needs to be drained out to have more consistent wading opportunities in low water?

Ryan caught this trout on Lake TaneycomoThis fly fishing report issue will begin at the head of where all this starts. Beaver is five feet above power pool. With little generation as of now, there is plenty of low water here. Table Rock lake still has two feet to go before we are at power pool. Remember to keep this in mind. The rain Springfield gets will eventually make it into Table Rock because of James River and other tributaries that run into James as well. I’m sure the lake will fill up some more, but not like rain that would directly hit us in our area.  However we did get lucky for the most part on the total rainfall we got compared to north of us on this go around. The White is storing the most water as of right now. They are up eleven feet and can still store a bunch more (13 feet more). That is one reason why you can still find lower water if Taneycomo is generating a lot of water. This is usually the norm when we start getting rain this time of year. Because Bull Shoals Dam has eight generators doesn’t take as long to dump a bunch of water. Not only that, but they can store the most water out of all the lakes which is 30 feet. Table Rock can store fifteen feet and Beaver can store ten. Beaver only has two generators just like Norfork which makes the rise a little more dangerous. These two tailwaters in particular are narrow and the flow can get swift if you are not careful so always keep that in mind when fishing the rise. Hope this helps explain a little bit more on how this whole thing works. As guides, this keeps us on our toes and how to plan our day for the level of the client and to make sure we put you on fish. I can’t speak for others, but this is our goal.Fly fishing Beaver Tailwater

Key note: (Table Rock) For every inch of rain we get,it raises the lake about a foot. I takes one- three weeks to get rid of a foot depending on how many generators are running.

Today’s Trip

First timer Jeffrey, caught this rainbow on Lake TaneycomoThe trip I had today was a four person party and my other guide Marcus and I took advantage of this low water. The gang we had were all rookies and this was their first day of school and that’s usually the hardest. The goal is to always listen to the coach and that they did. We spent the first hour learning the cast. Once we got that out of the way everyone starting hooking fish. We had some tourist tangles but we managed to keep the day as productive as we could. Some spent more time on the penalty box than others and I would say Jeffery was the winner today. It’s always a good day when your clients forgot how many fish they caught. The highlight of the day was getting out of the boat and fishing the rising water. They bared the cold water without waders, but the bite was so good they didn’t care. Sometimes you don’t get moments like this so you have to take advantage of these opportunities when they come. They were up for the challenge and that really made up for a slow morning for few of the guys who didn’t pick up on it early on.

Guide Tip

Fly fishing the Rise Table Rock Beaver TailwatersWhen fly fishing the rise go to worms, especially worm brown. I really believe since we lost our scud population the fish are keying more on the worms vs. the scuds in generation. The food chain to me on Taneycomo is midges in low water and worms in high water. Good luck fishing and I’ll see you on the water!ja

Best Fishes,

Jeremy Hunt

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