Lake Taneycomo Fly Fishing Report 1/14/2013

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January 15, 2013

Lake Taneycomo is producing good numbers of fish for the winter months…

Lake Taneycomo is Fishing Great

Fly Fishing Report for Lake Taneycomo

Find out how to catch trophy brown
trout fly fishing Taneycomo

No lie, Taneycomo is still fishing great. The other day I had a full day trip and my clients had such a good morning they decided to call it a day by 2:30 because they had enough. Sometimes fishing can be just like that. It’s almost like when it’s too good you get bored with it and when it’s too slow you can’t get enough of it. The challenge comes in when they are generating water, but if it is off you can bet the fishing will be HOT! Nothing is the way of browns really being caught this week, but a ton of rainbows are in an active mood. Again, nothing in the way of big fish being caught, but I’m also not fishing up top where they like to hold (rebar hole and the outlets). I have seen a few hanging around in the KOA (Trophy Run) and Rocking Chair, but they are a little spooky because of the minimal current so you have to be on your “A” game. The key to hooking a ton of fish is to keep moving around. The fish are not picky what you have to offer, but it is winter so the key to success is to have plenty of midge patterns in your fly box. I’ve been running most my trips around 9a.m. when the fish get up to actively feed on midge patterns. Once this resides a little bit as the afternoon wears on then I will switch and fish the deeper runs with nymph patterns. Of course some days are better than others, but like I said it has to do with the water generation. We are getting plenty of low water, but it is a hit or miss depending on the day. The crowds are down also so you should be able to fish where you want, you might have to wait it out to get the good spots, but fisherman are moving around so it should be a problem getting your favorite spot.

Fishing Report for the Creeks and Rivers in the Winter

If you are wondering about the local creeks, the answer is…. NO! there’s no water really to get them to run up into the creeks. They are in the mouths when they generate, but other than that I would fish the main tailwater.

White River

Another hit or miss depending on the style of fishing you want to do. If you are a big brown trout kind of guy like myself then it can be real tricky on how you want to target these fish as of right now. One thing I will say is the White River is chocked with pods of 20 inch browns everywhere. I think alot of this has to do with the 24 inch brown trout regulations that is been a place now for a few years. These fish are easier to catch, fishing nymphs along the bottom in low water. And that seems to be what is going on for the most part. Taneycomo and the White are doing the same type of generation so it can be very tricky on trying to plan a streamer trip right now. I was there last week doing some homework and they had 1-2 units going and we manage to hook three browns in the 20 inch range, but nothing bigger than that in the way of searching for monster browns. I really think if they keep this up and little to no generation we will have to float it through the night and bank more on night fishing trips. I can also say that I’m not fishing the upper stretches where the browns are spawning right now so who knows what’s going on upstream from Wild Cat Shoals to the State Park area right below the dam. I wish I could be down there more, but with most of my trips being on Taneycomo it keeps me limited to getting down to really fish this river more. Not only that, but it’s still a little early yet and the water hasn’t been right either. We need steady generation to get these browns to hold more along the banks. I have a few tricks up my sleeve on how to target these browns in the lower flows, but I’m keeping that under my hat. That was how we managed to hook what we did when we were down there fishing last week. We need to hope for colder weather for longer periods of time and just maybe we will see heavier generation levels.
Note: If you do want to try to target bigger browns the only stretch that I think will get the job done in lower water levels is fishing down at Roundhouse Shoals. The reason being is the water through there is fast and they have to think quicker. Not only that…there are always monsters holding in this area. I know because I’ve already missed a few fishing 2 unit generation.


This might be where we see every guide in the month of February because this is the only tailwater generating around the clock with consistent days of generation as of right now. The only bad part is this river isn’t built for a bunch of boats. Lower levels and motorized Jon boats can defiantly keep the fish locked up. This river even when they are generating two units they have, the river still remains low compared to Taneycomo and the White when comparing generation levels. So it doesn’t take much to get these trout educated to what you are doing. If everyone is doing the same thing then you won’t see me over there until night time or never. I used to love this fishery, but anymore I find better water other places that I would rather gamble with. With saying that….it still holds some quality trout, but then again, it can be a hit or miss and I find that all the time when fishing over there.
I do have one thing going for me and that is the NFOW. I really have this lower stretch pretty much all to myself and it does store browns that chase streamers so that is always my plan “B” when I do have streamer trips. If you would like to know more about this send me an email and I can explain. Last but not the least, I want to thank everyone for being part of Flys and Guides.

Fly Tying Classes and the New Flys and Guides Website

A few things first before I get started talking about the fishing. Fly tying classes are in full swing for the winter months. The class we had yesterday was a huge turnout with probably 20 people attending. I want to thank everyone for coming. It was good to see some of my regulars, but it always good seeing new faces that are introduced to the sport. The next class will be held on January 26th from 2-4pm at the MDC hatchery building below the Table Rock Dam. If you would like to attend the class it is free to the public. All you have to do is call the hatchery to reserve your spot. It is recommended that you bring a vise and a few tools and we will provide the rest. If you do not have a vise we have a few lying around, but it is on a first come basis. You can also just be a spectator and watch. Some people do this and bring a paper and pen to take notes. Also, these classes are always recorded and posted on the website within a few days. We will continue to tie articulated streamers because we are gearing up for February month to chase trophy browns on the White River. I only have a few more spots open if you want to get in on this bite so shot me an email
[email protected] if you are interested. I hope to see you at class!!

On another note, the new website is coming along and should be launching sometime in the next few weeks. My goal is to have it done by February 1st so I’m crossing my fingers. All in all I think everyone will be pleased with the way it turned out. The better news is the new website has me pumped and put and new flame in me. I’m sure alot of you were wondering why I haven’t been updating the site on a more regular basis. And the truth is… I was just burnt out on the old site and didn’t want to add more content to a site that I was getting rid of. It’s kind of like going backwards. It’s been a process, but this new website is done right, so if you plan on learning a bunch of new stuff related to presentations and fly tying. Those are going to be the two main things I will update all the time for the next few months once the site launches.

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