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May 13, 2012

Fish on every drift in low water; don’t believe me….book a trip!

Fish on Every DriftAll I can say is the fish are in a good mood. This type of fishing is rare, but happens when conditions are right. Except for yesterday, the corps has been sticking true to the generation schedule. The water has been off until 3pm most days. I think yesterday’s early generation was due to power demand from the hot temperatures. Right now is one of those times you can do no wrong and it really doesn’t matter what they do with the water. If you like streamer fishing you will like catching big browns in high water. One thing I’m seeing that has been different from the past is I’m seeing a lot more browns up top than normally. And a lot of it has to do with locating them from throwing streamers. I’m starting to find out where these fish are holding and I bet they have always been there. Nobody is throwing these big articulated streamers and I keep saying in my previous reports, why don’t you be the first?

Big Browns Fishing Report

I had a few guys book me for just this type of fishing and a lot of it had to do with all the browns they were seeing me post on Facebook. It really got their attention, because they were always sold on the fact they thought this was a White River thing. Being from Springfield they couldn’t make quick trips down to the White so knowing that Taneycomo supports this style of fishing they have a whole new outlook on this fishery and I do to. I’m sure this will get more and more popular and it won’t be the same once everyone is doing it, but right now it’s basically me and my clients having this type of fishing all to ourselves. Matt and Ed were my first clients to have an opportunity at this, and they weren’t disappointed. The first ten minutes into the trip Matt already hooked into a nice brown. Sometimes it happens that way and other times it could happen ten minutes before the trip is over. The key is to always think the next cast could be the one. So regardless of what the water is doing the bite remains strong for all levels of fly fishing right now.

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