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April 23, 2012

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Fishing has been incredible on Lake Taneycomo over the last few days – whether wading from the bank or drift fishing, the fish are ‘on’ in a serious way. The lowering of Beaver Lake started today, so we are looking at all the lakes in the system being stabilized during the next two weeks. Of course, rain can delay the whole process, but we have our fingers crossed that we will start seeing widespread low water by as early as this upcoming weekend. The oxygen levels are very high right now on all of the tailwaters and the fish are feeding aggressively throughout the day. Reports from the Norfork and White are also reflecting a very steady bite with slightly lower flows on the Norfork (1 to 1.5 units down from two full units). You will be hard-pressed to find a more productive fly than a San Juan Worm at this time, but if the water drops out completely, look for Zebra Midges and dead scud patterns to get hot. It should be an amazing stretch of fishing over the upcoming month with both the prospects of wading water and a shad kill. These varying dynamics are what make the White River Basin so interesting from a fly fishing perspective – we have to always be on our toes because even the locals never know exactly what to expect. No matter which way the trends turn, fishing will be insane for the next two to four weeks – and probably for longer.

I want to announce that I will be holding fly tying classes at Lilley’s Landing Resort on two Tuesdays each month. These classes are FREE and everything is provided – just bring yourself. We have not quite worked out the details of exactly which Tuesday will be a class day, so keep an eye on this page until a set schedule emerges. I know it is very late notice, but the first class is TONIGHT (1-19-10) at 7pm at Lilley’s Landing Resort in Branson. Feel free to call me (417) 294-0759 for more information and directions. These classes offer a wonderful opportunity of all levels of fly tiers to get together and learn. There are also two classes a month on Wednesdays with a great tier named Duane. Please take advantage of this no-cost resource that will bring your enjoyment of fly fishing to a whole new level. Also note that there will be classes held at the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery directly below Table Rock Dam on two Saturdays a month. I will keep everyone informed regarding times and dates.

In addition to the fly tying classes at Lilley’s Landing Resort and at the hatchery, I will also be offering private fly tying classes through Lilley’s for groups and individuals. These will usually be weekend events, but special requests can be accommodated. There is a fee for these specialized classes. This program offers up a great opportunity to custom-design an educational activity that fits your specific needs. Corporate groups are welcome to participate and all materials will be provided.

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