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April 23, 2012


Low Water Fly FishingI knew we weren’t far off from low water and now that it’s here, this means we will have it until we get another big rain that hits the Ozarks. In order to get big water again we will need a substantial rainfall to get the corps dumping big water fast. I wouldn’t be too alarmed if we get little rain showers with little accumulations though. The corps might generate a little throughout the day, but it won’t be all day so low water is definitely here to stay. This would be a great time to take advantage of it because once the heat gets here it will be all over for good water.

Low Water TaneycomoI was kind of getting used to big water and just started figuring out how to get these big browns to jump streamers. Oh well, there’s always next time. Now I’ll just have to stick to low water tactics and play the numbers game. The trout are thriving and the bite should be good for midges here on Taneycomo.

This weekend I focused on nothing but streamers with my clients. I was surprised to see some bigger rainbows crashing these streamers also. We had one rainbow in the 21-22 inch range that spit the fly once it got to the surface (have it recorded and the video will come out later) with some of the brightest colors you can see on a rainbow. And a few more we caught looked just the same. It looks like a totally different rainbow than all the stockers you normally catch when fishing with an indicator. Of course you get some with color, but the majority of them are stockers that have little to no color. You can tell what I mean by looking at the pictures, real red stripes going down with a bright gill cheek. The kind of rainbows Taneycomo is known for. This is what separates this tailwaters from all the rest. We do have some of the prettiest rainbows compared to other tailwaters here in the Ozarks.

White River Fishing Report

Low Water on the WhiteAgain, I’ve seen a change in their generation to as of yesterday, only generating one to two units. This makes for some awesome drift boat water. Not only that, but some of the best water for dry flies (the best caddis hatch on the river is from Wildcat to Rim, with just up from cotter being the best). If you are still after browns on streamers you can do that to. I would say from Rim down to buffalo is better water for this type of presentation and a lot of it has to do with having a little deeper runs downstream then the upstream, in this type of generation. Either way this is the type of water you can do just about anything you want with good results in any style of fly fishing you desire. Start planning your trips because the low water has arrived!!

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