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March 20, 2012

Streamer fishing continues to be productive on Taneycomo

Streamer Fly FishingWith all the lakes being under a foot, we are starting to see lower flows on a few tailwaters. Norfork and Beaver tailwaters are shutting down at night and then releasing sometime in the morning. Heavier flows continue on Taneycomo and the White River. So we’re not out of the funk of high water just yet. Let’s just hope we don’t get big rains in the next few weeks and I would be willing to bet we will see low water during the day sometime soon. With Taneycomo having the biggest flows throughout the day it’s convinced me to give streamers a go again. This is something I struggle with here on Taneycomo because of the inconsistency on getting good results. A lot of this has to do with the way this river is mapped out verses the White. There’s not enough good water for one and secondly we just don’t have the abundance of browns either. But after this week I’m starting to reconsider my thoughts on a few things.

Is Taneycomo worthy of streamer fishing?

Fly Fishing on TaneycomoI would say yes, but it’s never going to be like the White. There are a few reasons for this and I would have to say the two biggest reasons are; we don’t have the same layout with miles of good water and two, there’s not the abundance of browns that chase streamers. Rainbows just are not into big articulated streamers. However we do hook a few from time to time which gives you some action, but it’s all about the brown trout when we’re working this hard. We’ve had fair results, but the one thing different about this time verses the other times I’ve tried to do this at Taneycomo is, we actually hooked a few bigger browns like we do on the White. So it definitely has potential, but it really is too early to say how good this bite will be and how consistent it will be throughout the year. In the past I never had these results. I would put away knowing that I’ll give it another shot when I get the itch. I get tired of nymph fishing all the time staring at an indicator all day. This year (on Taneycomo) it’s going to be more about dry fly fishing and streamer fishing when we have the right water for it. It’s always better to learn different things so you can give the client more variety and more importantly, show him something different that will improve his or her game.

Dry fly fishing is right around the corner

Fly Fishing on TaneycomoSince I’ve been fishing the banks mostly I’ve noticed each day I’m out there the fish are getting more active taking stuff off the surface. The other day we gave dries a shot just to see if we could get some trout looking up. We had a few big crashes, but not enough to think this bite was solid. We will be doing this more as the weeks go by and I would say we don’t have that long before these trout are chewing up terrestrials.

In Conclusion

A buddy and I put together this small clip of that brown I caught, so I hope you enjoy the footage. If you like the video, give us a like and we always appreciate the support. If you haven’t liked our Facebook page please give us a shout out and like us on there as well. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

[youtube gczeTQQtA2o]

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