Dry Fly Fishing September 17, 2011

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September 17, 2011

Dry Fly Fishing in Missouri

Dry fly fishing continues to be HOT on both the White River and Taneycomo

Great Streamer Fishing in Lake Taneycomo

Great Streamer Fishing in Lake Taneycomo

Fishing has been steady and the generation has been to. With big water running on the White still (16,000 cfs around the clock), and one to two units at Taneycomo, you almost have to be in a boat for productive fishing. This year’s dry fly action on all three tailwaters has been some of the best that I can remember in the past few years. Maybe its also because I haven’t strictly focused on fishing dry flies as much as I have this year in a long time. Fly fishing continues to be a transition for me, and you go through phases on what it is you want to throw to the trout whether it’s streamers, nymphs or dries. The more I fish out of a drift boat the more I’m getting away from indicators because of how you approach rivers now. In a motor boat, it’s all about burning holes and going over the same fish which is fine, but in a drift boat you have to micro fish more of the river and you learn every inch of the river. I think it’s a huge advantage because you really get to learn the “good” holes where big fish hang out year round.

Dry Fly Fishing in the Taneycomo

I’m sure some of you are scratching your heads wondering why we had low water for a month and now generation around the clock for no apparent reason. I‘m confused with it a little myself, but for whatever reason I don’t think it will be for much longer. I know the dissolved oxygen levels are down and some of this could be fish water coming through to keep the fish healthier. Keep in mind that you can rent boats if you get tired of wading along the banks. Phil, who owns and operates Lilley’s Landing Resort located 5 miles from the dam, has lots of boats you can rent for half or full days. And I can personally say your missing out on Taneycomo if you are not dry fly fishing it out of a boat in this water we have right now. Most of the river is shallow enough to spot fish and cast to certain fish you want to catch. Fishing dries along the bluffs is probably the best bite going, hands down.

Also, the rumor is because of this cold snap, it’s getting the brown’s on the move. Chuck, who owns and operates Anglers and Archery, caught a decent brown just the other day and Michael Kyle, who used to own Backcountry Outfitters, caught a big brown at night just a week ago. He sent me the picture via phone. I would say these are good signs for what is right around the corner.

Dry Fly Fishing in the White River

Dry Fly Fishing in White River

Dry Fly Fishing in White River

With only seven feet to go, they are also right around the corner for low water. We should go into these next three months having plenty of low water for the prime time fishing months. Make sure you book your trip early. You don’t want to miss out on these fisheries as we go through October and November. These are the two months I don’t sleep. I’ll be spending most my free time fishing at night when I’m not guiding.

And then the bad news….

For some of those who have been following the site probably have heard the name Gabe Cross. Gabe was a big part of the site, and without him none of this would have been possible. I owe a lot of the content on my website to Gabe. We built this site together, and because he has a degree in writing and was a true passionate fly fisherman, we decided to re-create one of the best fly fishing sites on how to effectively fish our tailwaters about three years ago. And this time I wanted a professionally written website because I felt that the content was important from the start. I’m not a writer, so having Gabe was a big help.

Dry Fly Fishing Gabe Cross

Dry Fly Fishing with Gabe Cross

Gabe and I grew up fishing Taneycomo in 1994, and I actually taught Gabe how to tie flies, so we go way back. We spent countless nights in my home when I was in Arkansas putting the core of the site together. Well…I’m sad to say he is no longer with us. This really hit home for me. I really haven’t lost to many people that I was this close to. It’s still hard to deal with, and when I finished this last Newsletter, I felt this feeling of knowing it will never be the same. I just don’t know what to say. I will miss him.

With saying that, I’m sure the site will have a few changes along with the blog. And if anything, it’s got me motivated to continue where we left off. I will continue to make the site a learning resource and my specialty is the how-to-steps, so always be looking for that. I wish I had the free time I used to have, but with two boys, guide trips, tying orders, its hard to upload patterns, but you have my word that I will always add patterns because that’s my true passion. I really enjoy tying flies and teaching the sport. Fly tying classes should start back up in November and then you should start seeing the tying side of the site updated through the winter.

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