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August 20, 2011

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Challenging Fishing on Taneycomo 8-20-11

Minimal current makes for some challenging fishing on Taneycomo!

I hope everyone is staying cool during the hot summer days. Fishing has still been really good on Taneycomo. The only difference since the last report is we are seeing lower water levels for longer periods of time. With it shutting down close to midnight and staying off until 1pm there is plenty of wading opportunities.

Is fishing better at night or during the day right now?

Fly fishing tips on Taneycomo

To me, fishing is better at night. To be real honest, because of the work they are doing down at Powersite Dam (roughly 20 miles downstream from Taney) they have totally change the tailwater level anywhere from a low 703 to a high 702 range (normal pool is 701.3) which has made the current very slow and in some spots not at all. On top of that stagnant dingy water has made the D.O. levels low as well. So you better be on your “A” game to have a successful day. I think from them generating during the day and then shutting it off at night the water seems to have better D.O. levels, so the fish are thriving more and are willing to feed aggressively.

Once the water has been off for longer periods is when I see a change in the fishing behavior. Fishing typical staple patterns that work everyday are not producing like they do on any given day. You have to switch up quite a bit and cover lots of water to stay on the fish. But if you know what you are doing there is one way to have a really good day. Just remember I said they want to chase stuff. Get rid of the indicators and strip in emerger patterns.

How to Fly Fish on Lake Taneycomo and White River

Terrestrials are still working in the right conditions. Find shallower water so they can actually see it. If you can’t see the bottom then the chances of the trout seeing your fly is about the same. We’re still having the best luck on beetles followed up with ants, cicadas, hoppers and dragonflies. If you can fish the rise and stay in the clean water the first hour, as the water is rising, you will be in the best conditions for fishing dries along the banks.

Fly Fishing on Lake Taneycomo

Updates on Fly Fishing with FlysandGuides.com

Fly Fishing Class for Lake Taneycomo and White River Fly Fishing White River

Shout OUTS: Just wanted to say Happy 80th Birthday to Russ. I had a great time with you guys.

Tying Class: No class as of right now. Should be back in full swing some time in the fall.

White River: Still HIGH HIGH water for the most part. Hoppers are out, but the conditions could be better for averaging better results. We really need 3-5 units for fishing the banks, but you can still hook some browns. Who knows how long they are going to dump Bull Shoals, but I would say the high water will be sticking around. I have four trips there this week and I plan on fishing big streamers and dries so I’ll keep you posted.

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