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November 11, 2010

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Updated Report for 11-11-10

Happy Veteran’s Day – Taneycomo Trout and Flys & Guides Recognizes All of Your Heroic Sacrifices

Big Browns on Lake Taneycomo

Lake Taneycomo is ripe with really big brown and rainbow trout.

As the Ozarks makes its transition into the cooler months of late fall and winter, all things related to fly fishing Taneycomo are starting to slow down, including my guide schedule. Fishing continues to be good most of the time, and we are just now starting to see some low-water days on Taneycomo and the White River. Releases below Norfork Dam are still inconsistent, with the best shots at extended wading opportunities coming on the weekends. If you are after a chance at a really big brown or rainbow, the next three months are going to be ‘prime time’, but come prepared for chilly mornings and inconsistent flows. Once the lakes turn over in December, a predictable release pattern will start to emerge, with the heaviest water running when the demand for electricity is at its peak – usually in the mornings, evenings and when the region is in the grips of unusually cold weather.

I want to announce a few seasonal changes with respect to how I am going to be posting information on my site. At this time of year, I primarily focus on fly tying – for both use on future guided trips and to supplement my income (orders are coming in by the 1000’s). I will not have the time to post reports as often as I do during the spring, summer and early fall. That said, please feel free to call or email me at any time for the most current trends; I’m always eager to point my readers in the right direction. There will still be occasional fly fishing reports posted for the White River, the Norfork Tailwater and Lake Taneycomo, but most of the comprehensive content will be in the monthly newsletters. There are plenty of openings for guide trips, and keep in mind that the Ozarks is a region that can be quite mild throughout the winter. This makes it possible, especially for those who live relatively close to southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas, to plan last-second excursions based on predicted temperatures and prevailing water conditions. Never hesitate to drop me a line if you get some time and think that you might want to get in on some of the least crowded trophy fishing of the year. Also, I will keep everyone updated on the shad-kill and other events that present unique fly fishing opportunities with respect to catching a lot of big fish.

Learn About the New Fly Fishing Guide Trips

From now until the beginning of February, I am going to try something a little different by offering several long-running guided trip specials for veterans and newsletter subscribers. I have become quite involved in Project Healing Waters, where guides donate their time taking wounded veterans out on the rivers, and these events have really opened up my eyes to just how much members of our armed forces give us all in order to secure America’s safety and stability. Please click on the link in the previous sentence to learn more about this wonderful way of giving back to those who sacrifice so much. I am also very thankful for those who have become actively involved in my Web site, as my readers are responsible for making 2010 my best year yet as a guide. Below, the special prices for veterans and newsletter subscribers are listed – this is my way of hopefully getting some folks on the water who could not otherwise afford the learning experience of fishing with a professional… or for those just looking for an added incentive to get out on our prolific rivers during the slower months as a cure for cabin fever.

Veteran’s Special: A full-day of guided fly fishing on whichever river is offering up the best fly fishing for $150 (Taneycomo) and $175 (Arkansas). There is no limit on the number of days that can be booked, and only one member of the party needs to be a war veteran.

Newsletter Subscriber Special: A full-day of guided fly fishing on whichever river is offering up the best fly fishing for $200 (Taneycomo) and $250 (Arkansas). Besides having access to exclusive newsletter articles, this is yet another reason to sign up, if you haven’t already – simply enter your email in one of the many spots throughout the site and you are all set.

***Both specials will run until February 1st, and you must make it clear at the time of booking that you are either a veteran or newsletter subscriber in order to get this substantial discount.

And for those of you who forgot… The second of our fall/winter fly tying classes will be held (Friday, November 19th) in the conference area at the Shepherd of the Hills trout hatchery directly below Table Rock Dam. If you can’t make it to this event, please check the site frequently for the dates and times of upcoming classes – they will be held once or twice each month, usually on the weekends.

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