The Brown Trout Fishing Report 10-6-10

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October 6, 2010

Updated Report 10-6-2010

The browns are here!!

Large brown trout

The browns are showing up in big numbers.

Within the last day or two the brown trout have shown up in numbers, probably the best run we’ve had in sometime. The cold front we had that moved in a few days ago along with one day of full generation is what triggered them to come up all the sudden. I would expect lots of low water for wading opportunities and night time fishing should be prime time to hook several in one day. This month should be a month you don’t get a lot of sleep, I’m not. There’s lots of browns in the 25-30 inch range between outlet one all the way down to big hole. I’ve seen several caught, but not landed and that has a lot to do with light tippet when fishing scud patterns or anything that requires nymphing techniques. Good luck out there and make sure you tie a good knot. We’ll talk more about this when I get some free time, just wanted to let everyone know so you can make plans to get down here and hook one of these big boys.

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