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September 19, 2010

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General Fishing Report
September 19, 2010

An all-night odyssey and a banner day on Lake Taneycomo

I made mention of my plans to float either the White or Norfork at night in search of big browns in my previous report, and I’m happy to say that the experience was an all-around success. We ended up putting in at Norfork Dam around midnight last Tuesday/Wednesday, and the fishing was absolutely incredible from the start until we finished at 1pm. The hot bite commenced in Gene’s Hole where it was literally a take or a fish on every cast; I would say we landed over 50 fish between the three of us before even getting past that first stretch of water.

Pretty much every spot we tried produced steady action, and there are certain holes on the Norfork that are absolutely loaded with nice fish. The catch and release area was particularly good, and as night turned into morning, we were able to remain extremely busy, which made it hard to get ourselves off the water. Using a drift boat to fish the Norfork at night is quite an adventure, and it really felt like there was a chance of hooking into a huge brown with every cast. If there was one downside to this trip it was the fact that the trophy fish we were after eluded us, but we did manage to land scores of trout in the sixteen to eighteen-inch range.

Night fishing and Big Browns

The total number of fish caught was truly gaudy, and it’s great to see the ‘Fork fishing so well after several sub par years. Night fishing on the White and Norfork offers up a great chance of hooking a big brown in a wild and surreal setting, and the next month is the perfect time for this rarely utilized strategy. I am more than willing to take anyone out on a guided night float, so let me know if this type of fishing expedition is something that is up your alley.

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing

On Friday, I worked with another guide on Lake Taneycomo, and there were five anglers between the two of us. This day ended up as one of those ‘perfect’ outings where everyone caught lots of fish while having multiple chances at big rainbows. I fished my guys in some slow water right up by the dam, and we literally didn’t have to move more than 20 yards all day.

The biggest fish landed was a rainbow over 21-inches, and we lost several other pigs, including one that tragically broke off when the client’s line got wrapped around his reel seat.

This month I am going to do something a little different with my newsletter. Because the subject covered (fishing during the spawn) is so important to the health of our rivers, I am going to post all the content – including the “guide secrets” section – on the site’s newsletter page and on the blog. Hopefully everyone will find this an engaging read, but be sure to sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of any page [if you haven’t already], as the “guide secrets” and certain promotions are normally just for subscribers. This fall promises to be epic with respect to numbers of big fish, as all the rivers I frequent are loaded with chunky browns.

Large Rainbow Trout

The newsletter will show you how to ethically and productively fish during the spawn, and specific spots along with detailed strategies are discussed with candor.

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing

I’ve had a few days off to spend with my family, but I will be back on the water guiding and personal fishing next week, so I promise to keep everyone updated as much as possible. Prospective anglers are calling or emailing me about guided trips every day, so if you are considering a fall fly fishing trip to the Ozarks, please feel free to contact me with any specific questions about what to expect.

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