Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report 7-19-10

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July 19, 2010

July 19 2010

Still Have Low Water on Lake Taneycomo

Fishing with Jeremy Hunt on Taneycomo

Jeremy Hunt watches the water consistently.

First things first, I’ve been getting a lot of calls saying they can’t get through to my email. I’ve been experiencing problems with hotmail for the past month so if you cannot get through to me via email please feel free to call 417-294-0759 if you have any questions whatsoever.

Still fishing Taneycomo and I haven’t made it back down to the White. For some reason this has been a slow month for trips. It’s weird because the next two months I’m almost full. I guess that is the life of a guide. With saying that I’ve been able to spend a great deal of time with the family which has been a real pleasure. Along with tying and working on this new site, it has kept me pretty busy so I‘m fine with this month being slow. I’ve updated the blog with some pictures, but that’s about it for the moment. Once I get the new site up and running you’ll see a lot more done with the blog. I almost need a full time webmaster just to keep up with updates.

Sunday I took Summer out, just her and I. It was nice to get out and teach Summer how to row the drift boat. The day was supposed to be all about her, but she insisted that I fish while she learned. I think next year she will start taking women trips and we are also in the process of building her a page on the new site. She will make a great addition to the site I’m sure.


Lake Taneycomo fishing

Everyday is different on Lake Taneycomo

I’ll keep it short since I keep fishing the same area. To me I still believe the KOA hole is the best stretch of river to fish right now. I’ve had the opportunity to fish up and down the river and if you are looking for big fish they are all downstream for the most part. Everyday is different when it comes to big fish and where they’re holding. But as far as where I’m able to hook them, every time I go out it has always been from the bend downstream from the MDC boat ramp all the way to Pointe Royale. I’ve seen some really nice rainbows in this stretch. I tried to fish to one that was 24 inches for about an hour having no luck. He was real spooky and wouldn’t let me get close at all. Every time I made a cast he would swim to the deep. He was only holding in about 12 inches of water and that is what made it so challenging. The two browns I caught came directly in the center of the channel where it is the deepest. I caught both relying strictly on the indicator and not sight casting to them, which is the way I like to fish if I‘m able to. Making extremely long cast away from the boat was key on targeting these bigger fish today. I was content on the first brown I caught since they are hard to come by on this river until the brown run starts, but to catch a second in the same day, and it was bigger was the highlight for both Summer and I. I decided to quit after that fish and it was up to Summer to land the next one. She wasn’t able to hook a brown, but she caught plenty of rainbows. I’m glad she was able to go out because it was long overdue.

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