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April 8, 2010


General Fishing Report
April 8, 2010

Taking advantage of the
many fly fishing options available in the Ozarks

Sometimes it pays to give one’s mind a break by exploring new opportunities that deviate from the norm. I have spent so many days guiding for trout recently that I was ready for a change of scenery. A few fishing buddies and myself were privy to several reports that the white bass run was in full swing on Bull Shoals Lake tributary streams, so we decided to head to Beaver Creek a couple of days this week. If you have not fished for white bass on a fly rod, you have to give it a try on a six or seven-weight at least once in your life.

Fishing bass for a change

When you hit it right, it feels like you are hooking into a four to six-pound brown trout on every cast, as these fish can really pull for their size – most are in the 2 to 3-pound range.

White Bass Fishing in Spring

Bull Shoals is around 8-feet high, so wading opportunities in the Beaver Creek area below Forsythe are pretty scarce. With the use of my drift boat, we were able to get around the corner where we found a perfect gravel bar wade off of. We hammered tons of fish, and I had one of my best couple of days out on the water in awhile. I hope we get the chance to hit the white bass run at least one more time this spring, but you know how these things go. At least I didn’t miss out this year, and I promise to let everyone know about this opportunity beforehand next time.

Clouser minnows in white, purple and chartreuse worked fine (but these fish are not overly selective) fished on full-sinking lines.

White Bass aren't very selective about what they bite on.

Water Levels at Bull Shoals and Norfork Lakes are Dropping

The White River, Norfork Tailwater and Lake Taneycomo continue to be in the midst of a high-water period, but Table Rock is the closest of the three of getting back to power pool – this reservoir is just about a foot high. Yesterday, the Corp cut the flow way back below Table Rock Dam, so there may be some nice moderate water to fish for a little bit. Norfork is operating one full unit all day, and the White is running very high around the clock. Lake levels are dropping, but it will still be another week before Bull Shoals and Norfork Lakes are anywhere near power pool, and that is if the rains hold off.

Bull Shoals and Norfork Lake water levels

There is no better time to come to the Ozarks than right now. The weather is gorgeous, the fish are biting and the Spring Break crowds of a few weeks ago are a thing of the past. My schedule is fairly busy, but if you are interested in a trip, let me know and I will explain all of the options. There is nothing like a productive float on a warm spring day, but at least we have two full months before summer is near. The best season of the year is upon us, and it is great to have such healthy rivers to fish.

Fish are biting in the Ozarks

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