Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report 3-17-10

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March 17, 2010


Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report
March 17, 2010

Low and high water: The difference between night and day

I spent the last two days out on the water guiding, and this recent experience clearly displayed how much of a difference water conditions can make. On Monday, we waded some low water at Lake Taneycomo and literally wore the fish out. Fly selection seemed to matter little, and the steady wind kept a nice bit of chop on the surface. Obviously, the trout on Taneycomo are really pigging out when the water gets low. Today, I found out what these fish are doing when the water is running.

The Corp of Engineers threw me a curveball, as the water came up unexpectedly on Taneycomo around 10am. Conditions were blustery, and it was a struggle to control the boat with so much wind. It is so frustrating to know that fishing could be great if the water would just drop a few more feet, but instead, we were forced to fight the wind and do the best that we could. I had one angler in my boat, and we worked very hard, as a team, for every fish that was landed. What a difference a day can make on these rivers.

Catching big trout on the Taneycomo

The Behavior of Trout
can Change at Anytime

What I find interesting is that just because the trout currently are turning on when the water gets shut down, it is totally possible that their behavior will change drastically at any time. White River Basin trout are often stimulated by changes in water conditions. After several weeks of primarily lower water, the fish will start to turn on every time the river rises.

Because fishing these rivers is such a game, I never have issues with losing interest or burning out. Rather, I get more intrigued each day I spend on the water and I am passionate about figuring out these fisheries as deeply as I possibly can.

The Sow Bug Roundup is in Mountain Home this weekend. If you are in the area Saturday morning at 9am, be sure to stop by for my streamer fishing presentation. This event is always a lot of fun, and maybe the water will cooperate this year and some people will get to wade.

I also wanted to mention that we are starting to generate some interest in our Owyhee River trips to Boise, and we are just now getting to work on all of the details. If you are interested in this unique angling opportunity, please drop me a line, and it looks like the first of these trips will be in mid June. I will also be posting an article about the Owyhee on my blog, and you have to check out the video of my friend catching one nice brown after another from the same wading spot. It will be such a blast to spend some real time on the Owyhee, and I think it will be good to fish other waters for the sake of experience.

The weather is getting nice – some days, anyway – and the fish are currently adjusting to so many changes going on around them. Once the flow patterns stabilize, the action will get more consistent, but for now, it is all about recognizing and finding the best water conditions on any given day.

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