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Flys and Guides is an independent guide service dedicated to the art of fly fishing and the craftsmanship of custom tied flies. At the helm of this family-centered enterprise are Jeremy and Lisa, who are passionate about tailoring their services to meet the unique needs of all fly-fishing enthusiasts. Whether you’re just beginning your angling journey or possess years of casting experience, we are here to cater to your preferences.

Our team of seasoned guides at Fly’s and Guides offers a wealth of educational insights and hands-on instruction to elevate your adventures. This knowledge not only enhances your day on the river but also plays a vital role in your growth as a fly fishing enthusiast.

In the past, our excursions included memorable trips to Branson’s Lake Taneycomo. However, a significant chapter unfolded in early 2021 when Jeremy and Lisa proudly opened their Fly Shop on the picturesque banks of the White River in Lakeview, Arkansas. This strategic move shifted our guiding focus to the tailwaters of the Norfork and White River systems. In April 2023, we expanded our operations by opening our second fly shop on the Norfork tailwater.

At Fly’s and Guides, our unwavering commitment lies in using only the finest materials and hooks available, ensuring that our flies are synonymous with quality, all while maintaining reasonable prices for our cherished clientele. Our Fly Shop boasts an extensive range of esteemed brands, including GLoomis, Redington, TFO, Lamson, Douglas, Galvan, Smith Optics, Suncloud, Fishpond, Hareline, Airflo, Rio, Wulff, Cortland, Loon, Anvil, Stonfo, Regal, and many more.

Both of our fully stocked Fly Shops houses a staggering inventory of well over 300,000 flies, surpassing the selection offered by any other fly shop in the region. Notably, it is also the closest Fly Shop to the Bull Shoals Dam. If you choose to dock your boat on the banks of the White River, you can conveniently stroll over to our Fly Shop, and whenever it’s possible, we can even arrange for fly delivery right to the river’s edge, ensuring your fishing experience is as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

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Quick Reports - October 2023

"December Fishing Highlights on the Norfork River: A Mix of Challenges and Excitement"

by Lisa |December 3, 2023

The month of December has ushered in surprisingly mild weather, enticing avid anglers to extend their fishing pursuits into 2023. Jeremy and I have predominantly guided on the Norfork in recent days.


"Reeling in the December Excitement: Fishing Report and Special Offer!"

by Jeremy| November 24 2023

This November has seen me spending an extensive amount of time on the Norfork, and it’s been a fascinating journey. Each day brings a different experience on the water. Sometimes it’s bustling with traffic, leading to finicky, pressure-weary big fish.

 Egg Patterns | December 2023

Don’t Fish on REDDS!!!

white river norfork bead kit

ON THE GO KIT- Bead Kits coming soon

The trout are currently in motion, with some heading upstream towards the dam, while others, the residential fish, remain in their original locations downstream to create redds. Presently, using egg patterns, beads, and blob flies in colors like cutthroat pink and fluorescent orange is crucial for successful fishing, as these patterns have become the primary focus of the fish. It’s important to note that we do not endorse fishing on redds, but rather drifting these patterns near the riverbed, not on the actual spawning beds. Especially during high water conditions, this is more about fishing near the river bottom.

However, I’d like to emphasize that we’re not advocating exclusively fishing on redds. In times of lower flow, sticking with tried-and-true patterns such as Taneycomo Sculpin patterns, Pheasant Tails, and the Sunday Special (a bead head scud) remains a solid approach. For the next generation of fly fishers, Walts Worms seems to be a suitable substitute for the Sunday Special. In the shoals, San Juan worms are still a reliable choice, and, as always, running midges under nymphs during generation is effective. In low-flow conditions, consider using double midges like root beer and ruby midges. Additionally, there are a few classic midge patterns from the Taneycomo days that shouldn’t be forgotten, such as the Trusty Rusty and Olive Dun.

Even when water levels are high and there’s no shad kill, don’t dismiss the use of shad patterns, as these fish may still be enticed by white patterns. During a recent outing on 10-17-23, with an early release of 190 megawatts, we began by using shad patterns on the surface, specifically two Wiggle Minnows, which yielded some successful strikes. We also ventured deeper and fished Arkansas Beadheads approximately seven feet below the surface closer to the riverbed, which also proved to be effective.

It’s important to note that the dam will be closed at the end of this month and will not reopen until February 1st. During this time, the dam regulations will apply to the state park, where night fishing is not permitted, and boat ramp access is restricted after 10 pm. However, there are still plenty of excellent nighttime fishing spots available. If this is your preference, consider launching your boat early and fishing downstream from the park. Wildcat Shoals is another ideal location for night fishing, and you can try using mouse patterns like deer hair mice, Splinter Mouse, and Bucktail Deceivers on floating lines.

We sincerely hope that this information aids you in planning your fishing outings, and we’re always here to assist you with all your fly-fishing endeavors.