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Flys and Guides is an independent fly fishing guide service and commercial and custom fly-tying provider. Jeremy and Lisa take pride in being a family based guide service that gears itself towards any fly-fishing anglers needs. We specialize in trips from the beginner to those with years of casting experience. The guides at Fly’s and Guides provide educational and instructional information vital to your day on the water and useful information that will prove to be beneficial as one continues to grow in the sport of Fly-fishing. Trips in years past included Branson’s Lake Taneycomo. Recently in early 2021, Jeremy and Lisa opened a Fly Shop on the banks of the White River in Lakeview, Arkansas focusing their guiding to the tailwaters of the Norfork and White River systems. Fly’s and Guides continues to use only the best materials and hooks available offering the public quality flies and reasonable prices. The Fly Shop brands include GLoomis, Redington, TFO, Lamson, Douglas , Galvan, Smith OpticsSuncloud, Fishpond, Hareline, Airflo, Rio, Wulff, Cortland, Loon, Anvil, Stonfo, Regal, and numerous others. The fully stocked Fly Shop has well over 100,000 flies available more than any other flyshop in the area and is the closest Fly Shop to the Bull Shoals Dam. Park the boat on the banks of the White River and one can walk to the Fly Shop and if and when possible we can deliver flies for the river!

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Quick Reports - September 2023

Norfork - Low Water Grand Slam

by Lisa | September 19, 2023

I was out today with David and his father Jim.  They have been on the White River the last few days around Wildcat, so not only was it nice to get away from the motors but to show these gentlemen some new water.  

Norfork - Brown's on the Move!!

by Jeremy Hunt | September 18, 2023
I’m not going to get my hopes up, thinking they might start leaving this generation off, but it hasn’t been generating for a week now. If they start doing this, I can plan my days better and start earlier then 9am.

Hopper Season | August – September 2023

Hopper Time on the White River

on the go quick hopper kit

White River "On the go Quick Kit"

It’s that time of the year where you get to witness some serious surface eats using bigger terrestrials for mostly nothing but brown trout!!

The breakdown in this “easy-to-go” kit has everything you need to get some quality browns, in both water scenarios.  We built this kit to keep the guess work out. We have another hopper kit that has a little more if you want more variety.


We like to fish pinks and tans during the day and switch to black and shades of purples as the sun is dropping. If you plan on fishing lower flows, fish shoals and in the middle and throw a dropper to keep it fun with stockers eating midges and nymphs. I like throwing 3x on bigger hoppers and 4x on smaller ones. I run 5x with nymphs and 6x with midges off the bend of the hook, shallow water I’ll run midges, in shoals or deeper runs I will run nymphs or girdle bugs.

What to Expect this Season 2023
This year we had a lot of rain in March, which made for some heavy releasing preparing for our spring rains, and in return left us with lower flows because we did not get the expected rainfall, we get every April/May (usually 30 inches). This has set us up for a different pattern than what we are normally used to doing, starting early and fishing banks until 11am when the fog usually burns off the water. Then taking a break during the heat of the day and going back out from 4pm until the fish stop feeding on top which is closer to night fall.
This year we have been stuck with lower flows and up and down generation. When the Corp raises it and then lowers it at night, it continues to make the browns shift, and so you have to look a little harder for them and know when they set up on the banks or when they are in the middle. The evening bite has been more of a guarantee because the browns are more on the bank once the water generates for a while and if you make a long enough cast, then you’re bound to land a hopper on one looking up. The only thing you really have to keep in mind is make sure you are fishing clean water and not trashy water from the generation. this year it’s really not about a lot of fish eating hoppers so make sure you go into with the mind set of know you may not catch a brown on top, just like you could when fishing an articulated streamer. Some days you win, some days you lose……